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Read this for happy, healthy nails and hands!

* Our tips and tricks for the best nailcare routine *

Simple Steps for Protecting Your Skin Barrier

Our skin barrier protects us from damaging environmental factors. It's so important to keep your skin barrier intact... Here are a few simple “dailies” to ensure you maintain beautiful, healthy skin

Hydrating Ingredients for Spring

Like a glass of water for your skin... Get to know the 3 ingredients you need for a hydrated complexion

Fresh From the Earth Ingredients

Luscious, fresh ingredients have always been at the heart of our formulations

More Then A Scent

Instead of using scents, perfumes or fragrances for the sole purpose of smelling good, individuals are now looking for scents that cater to their wellbeing.

A Daily Dose of Skin Optimism!

Introducing Marigold by Farmaesthetics An All-Natural HA Hydration Serum

Fall is for Exfoliating!

Let’s take a closer look at facial exfoliation and the benefit of using natural exfoliates over harsher chemical or mechanical ones

Farmaesthetics Fall Favorites

A slight shift in the weather should be accompanied by a slight shift in your skincare approach and products. Just a few additions or tweaks can yield big benefits toward sustaining skin health season to season!

The Beach Bag Edit

These are our go-to suncare products to stay hydrated in the heat!

That Summer Glow

To maintain that dewy radiance and combat dryness from heat exposure, salt water, (you name it), we have curated a special summer list of Farmaesthetics skincare products that promise to keep your skin nourished, hydrated, plump, and protected.

What Sustainability Means to Us

Sustainability is an ever-evolving system for daily decision making

Top 4 Tips to Add to Your Springtime Skincare Routine

Here are 4 simple steps we like to add to our routine in support of our skin’s transition to Spring

A Postcard from Provence

An intimate look into French candle making

Holiday Gift Guide

Carefully curated collections for everyone on your list

Introducing: The Lavender Milk Candle!  

Our collaboration with Officine Oils of Paris continues with this newest creation

Ingredient Highlight: Aloe Vera

Why we love using Aloe Vera in our skincare products