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Our Commitments

Free of Synthetic & Artificial Ingredients

What is not in a product is just as important as what is. Whole ingredients found in nature vibrate with energy and when used in skincare preparations free of synthetics, artificial fragrances, dyes or petroleum-based preservatives, they work to reestablish natural balance in the body, the condition we know as health.

Ethically Sourced & Harvested

Our products are made with the highest quality natural and organic ingredients, sourced from trusted US farms and the markets they supply. Our suppliers are diverse, specialized, and meet our rigorous standards for excellence. We are proud of the decades-long relationships we have established with our supply partners who share our values for ethical oversight in all aspects of the supply chain.  

Made in Small Batches in USA

To ensure our products arrive to you at their peak of efficacy, Farmaesthetics are made in small batches. Herbs, flowers and raw materials are ordered in smaller volumes to ensure they are used and preserved at their freshest and most potent. By minimizing the distance and time it takes between harvest and shipment to our facility, we ensure the products we make, make it to you at their eco-luscious best.

Sustainable Processes & Packaging

Living in synch with the rhythms of nature is at the heart of a healthy family farm. “The farmer takes care of the land, and the land will take care of the farmer”. Honoring nature’s wise processes and our interdependence is at the heart of sustainability and figures into every decision we make in the lifecycle of a Farmaesthetics product, from seedling to the package at your door.

Cruelty Free

Our products are never tested on animals at either the finished product or ingredient level and our formulations are not subject to any form of cruelty to animals, human injustice or environmental misconduct. All of our ingredients and finished goods are sourced with a deference to the highest ethical standards and with complete transparency.