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Get Dewy Summer Radiance with Farmaesthetics

Summer skin is all about the dewy glow; skin that is smooth, vibrant and hydrated inside and out. Achieving dewy skin requires certain lifestyle and skincare choices. To help you on your way to your dewy look, we offer up 3 skin-enhancing Farmaesthetics favorites to keep you “glowing” all summer long.

Midnight Honey Bath & Beauty Oil is a multi-use organic oil made with honey absolute that delivers skin enhancing properties to deeply moisturize and protect skin from moisture loss. Apply to the body (and face) after shower or bath. Best to use when skin is damp and warm to maximize absorption of the skin conditioning nutrients. This elegant organic oil delivers a depth of suppleness, warmth, texture and hydration for glowy summer skin!

Plumping the complexion with healthy hydration is needed for skin that glows. Our oil-free Marigold HA Serum is an all- natural hyaluronic acid serum that penetrates deeper layers of facial tissue, to deliver needed hydration to the skin. Combined with Calendula (Marigold!)  this soothing daily serum helps firm and tone the skin, reduce redness, and plump the skin. This artisanal 100% natural hyaluronic serum will bring the spring back to lackluster skin and restore the glow of health. A daily dose of skin optimism!

Our Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil is full of skin-boosting nutrients, luxurious compounds and powerful antioxidants that help tone skin, improving texture. This organic facial oil is luxurious to use and smells divine (neroli essential oil is a key part of the delivery system). Our light, daily use, 100% natural facial oil is made with the “Mighty Nine” of organic beauty oils that work together in synergy, to leave your skin soft and all aglow. 

Beauty preparations will definitely bring vibrancy to summer skin, but remember that hydration does not stop with topical applications. An excellent skincare routine with high quality, efficacious products is one part. The other part is to hydrate internally throughout the day by drinking plenty of fluids. This is a must for achieving a “dewy” complexion, so make sure you are drinking plenty of water. And don’t forget to wear a hat as much as possible and apply sunscreen to help protect your healthy, summer glow!

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