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Simple Steps for Protecting Your Skin Barrier

Our skin barrier protects us from damaging environmental factors, like pollution and UV rays. The outermost layer of skin is called the barrier and its function is to protect us from environmental damage, playing a major role in maintaining skin health. It is so important to keep your skin barrier intact, and the steps you take on a daily basis will determine that outcome. Here are a few simple “dailies” to ensure you maintain beautiful, healthy skin and the natural protection it offers:

Use a gentle, non-chemical cleanser. Wash your face with our Fine Herbal Cleanser, morning and night, as a part of your daily skincare routine to remove dirt, excess oil, and debris like city pollution, dirt, or sweat. Our natural gentle cleanser helps remove bacteria and refresh the skin, keeping it soft and supple without stripping needed natural protective oils or disrupting your natural PH balance.

Moisturize regularly. Our Nourishing Lavender Milk was created to support the skin barrier by supporting skin texture and tone. The lavender essential oil used in our formula is there for it cytophylactic properties, which helps stimulate cell renewal and repair. The skin-mending herb, Calendula, is infused into organic oils, helping to keep tissue intact, and preventing loss of tone. A protective daily application of this herbal moisturizer also helps protect skin from moisture loss, as dry skin can become fragile and less resilient, making it prone to environmental damage. Plus, Nourishing Lavender Milk is perfect to layer with your SPF product of choice. (This product was created for the face, but feel free to slather anywhere skin is in need)

Super-charge hydration with a facial oil. Our Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil is light, and quick to penetrate. This all natural facial oil is made with “The Mighty 9” organic beauty oils proven to feed and nourish the skin. We carefully selected the organic oils (borage, evening primrose, cherry ….) well-known to provide a multitude of benefits for strengthening the skin barrier. These organic oils are rich in skin-enhancing nutrients and natural acids that work together to keep skin elasticity intact. (Apply to face and neck with gentle massage to boost circulation). This fine facial oil won’t clog pores and will keep your skin plumped, hydrated and healthy.

Treat your skin with a nighttime reparative as needed. Our Complexion Conserve Facial Serum is a powerful herbal reparative to strengthen the skin barrier when overexposure has diminished skin tone. This serum was created to promote the skin’s natural repair process, ultimately helping to strengthen the skin matrix. It helps to settle inflammation by restoring elasticity, which is so important for protection. This multi-use organic serum is excellent for treating dull, dehydrated, stressed or sun- damaged skin, serving to restore a healthy radiance.

Consistency is imperative for sustaining skin health over time. We feel that the more powerful a product is, the simpler the routine can be. And a simple routine is much more likely to fit into a daily schedule, making consistency possible. At Farmaesthetics we are committed to making 100% natural herbal products that capture the vital nutrients of plants in their most potent forms, providing a beautiful experience that delights the senses and delivers results.

Farmaesthetics supports sustainability in all aspects of our brand from product and packaging development, selection of sourcing partners, daily operational practices, and in all of our company and community engagements.

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