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Read this for happy, healthy nails and hands!

Something we often forget is that our hands and nails are a vital part of our skin health and deserving of a daily skincare routine. Healthy hands and nails mean keeping skin around nailbeds clean and moisturized. To help prevent hangnails, brittle nailbeds, and dry cuticles, follow these simple daily steps and enjoy healthy, happy hands and nails!

Handwashing is essential, but frequent hand washing with harsh chemical or highly fragranced soaps will strip skin of natural oils leading to dry, damaged, irritated hands. Opting for a natural, hydrating hand wash leaves your skin feeling refreshed without stripping its protective oils. Our organic Hydrating Hand Wash is made with essential oils and simple natural cleansers that remove impurities without damaging nailbeds or the surrounding skin, and can be safely used throughout the day as much as needed to maintain hand hygiene.

Moisturizing after washing hands and before bed is a must. Your hands, nails and cuticles need moisture. Our award-winning Lemon Cuticle Cream offers all the love and hydration you need to nourish your skin. Not only will this contribute to the nail’s appearance, it also helps keep the nail barrier strong. Our Lemon Cuticle Cream absorbs quickly and keeps tissue hydrated while delivering the lemony goodness of natural oils and waxes to treat skin and trap moisture. Use repeatedly throughout the day and at bedtime, to keep nailbeds fresh, soft and protected from moisture loss.

For additional, intensive hand care, try our Hand to Heel Softening Salve. This natural salve is designed to heal and protect not only dry hands and feet, but everything in between. Formulated with calendula, carrot seed oil, and beeswax, this beauty balm is a reparative, creating a healing protective barrier to help heal dry, torn tissue, and ease discomfort.

While the occasional or weekly manicure can help make your nails look great, it takes more than that to keep nails healthy and hands looking soft and youthful. By keeping your hands clean, hydrated and away from harsh chemicals, you will be taking care of your hands in a crucial way, to ensure lasting, long-term nail and hand health.

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