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That Summer Glow

One of summer’s many highlights is spending time in nature and the great outdoors! Engaging with nature and in outdoor activities, our skin starts to take on that wonderful summer glow. To maintain that dewy radiance and combat dryness from heat exposure, salt water, (you name it), we have curated a special summer list of Farmaesthetics skincare products that promise to keep your skin nourished, hydrated, plump, and protected. These natural, organic face and body oils are jam-packed with nutrients and herbal benefits to keep skin glowing all summer long.

Follow along for more!

Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil

This light, organic fine facial oil contains the “mighty nine” organic oils known to replenish the skin. Of those 9, one ingredient is especially protective for summertime and that is Sweet Cherry Oil, as it is known to help skin ward off damage from UV rays. A few drops of Nutrient Dense applied to freshly washed face delivers the fatty acids required to keep skin hydrated, toned and supple. This little gem of a facial oil is ideal for summer, with just a hint of scent from the skin-brightening orange flower oil (Neroli). The perfect product to use as your foundation for sunscreen and/or makeup.

-Apply day and night as facial moisture

Complexion Conserve Facial Serum

A potent, multi-use herbal serum for firming and restoring elasticity to the complexion- especially to thinning skin on the face, jawline and neck. This vitamin-filled treatment elixir accelerates skin’s natural repair process, minimizes pigmentation and inflammation, and restores elasticity (whether mature, dehydrated, stressed or sun-damaged.)

-Use on face and neck to plump skin and treat fine lines. Use on top of hands as well!

Midnight Honey Bath & Beauty Oil

Our secret for nourished, glowing skin tip to toe. This nutritious, multi-use oil is deeply hydrating and easily soaks into the skin, delivering a subtle glow and warm, rich honey scent.

-Use after shower all over the body or in facial massage (we like to add a depth to our glow by applying to face, then adding another light layer of lotion, like Nourishing Lavender Milk)

Calendula Remedy Oil

This herbal organic infusion is an effective treatment oil to help heal and restore damaged skin to healthy moisture levels. Calendula is revered in herbalism for its properties to mend and strengthen the skin, helping prevent “sagging” and “wrinkles”. A beautifully made non-aromatic oil to keep skin texture and tone healthy and strong. 

-Apply to face and body to help heal damaged or depleted tissue and to restore and maintain healthy moisture levels

Glow & Go Set

This 3 Step Set does it all and in sizes perfect for extended travel!

1. Cleanse: Our Fine Herbal Cleanser washes away impurities and excess oil on the face, without washing away skin’s much-needed natural moisture balance. Just 5 ingredients working together in nature’s harmonious formula to use day and night on all skin “types” and conditions.

2. Moisturize: Nourishing Lavender Milk is created for use on the face and décolleté, but is so divine that you will want to use it all over! Use daily and as needed to restore proper moisture levels and enhance elasticity.

3. Enhance: Midnight Honey Bath & Beauty Oil is made with organic Soy, Honey Absolute and Vitamin E. Complex in its benefits in restoring the skin , this richly round, darkly-scented complexion oil deeply conditions and delivers a supple glow to the whole-body complexion.

Keep Glowing!

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