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Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil
.85 fl oz

Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil
.85 fl oz



Voted “Best Face Oils for Every Skin Type” by Marie Claire!

The Mighty 9 of organic beauty oils make up this fine herbal face oil. Full of skin-boosting nutrients, luxurious compounds and powerful antioxidants that build tone and texture, this 100% natural, organic flower, herb and seed oil formula delivers a deeply layered benefit deck that include essential fatty acids to stimulate collagen production for restoring skin elasticity- and it smells as light, fresh and real as it is. Wonderful on oily and dry skin alike.

Featured in Marie Claire’s “15 Best Face Oils for Every Skin Type”!

.85 fl oz glass bottle with treatment pump

100% natural, no artificial preservatives, petroleum products, synthetic fragrances, dyes or talc. Just the freshest ingredients from American family farms.

How to Use

After cleansing, when skin is clean and damp, warm 2-3 drops of oil between palms and apply to face and neck pressing or tapping with light massage into tissue using gentle, upward strokes.

Use morning and evening as part of your skin health maintenance routine. May follow with additional moisture if needed such as Nourishing Lavender Milk or Nourishing Herbal Cream for a deeper treatment and added protection from moisture loss.

Avoid eyes. Best if used within 1 year of opening, Keep away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Discontinue if irritation occurs. Results may vary.

Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
  • Ps November 20, 2020

    Amazing face oil

    My favorite face oil I’ve ever tried. Beautifully hydrating, doesn’t clog pores, and keeps my skin youthful. When I don’t use it, I can really see the difference. Great product.

  • Tina April 09, 2019

    I use accutane and this product is amazing at hydrating my skin. Anyone who knows this medication knows how drying it can be.

  • Sam March 11, 2019

    I’ve been using the Nutrient Dense facial oil for two years, and it is my favorite Farmaesthetics product. I consider it to be essential, especially in the winter. Wonderful product!

  • Kathy December 03, 2017

    Great stuff. Apply when skin is still a little damp after washing. It absorbs well. My daughter gave it to me for Christmas last year – I’m asking Santa for it again this year!

  • Tiffany December 17, 2015

    these oils need a better bottle to keep from being exposed to uv rays, which will degrade the quality of product.

    • Farmaesthetics July 16, 2021

      Thank you for reaching out Tiffany. The etched frosting of the glass bottle is a light deflector and known to be extremely useful in supporting product integrity. When stored properly this product retains its shelf life for our suggested use of best within one year of opening. Side note- we advise that all products be stored out of direct light and heat, and not only natural products, but even those loaded with synthetic preservatives, as product effectiveness diminishes in a number of ways, not only through packaging. Please let us know if you have any other concerns. We are always here to help.

  • Jennifer M. October 20, 2015

    I received a sample of this with my first order, and the results were noticeable within 1 week! I’m 49 & have multiple autoimmune diseases & newly diagnosed diabetic. My skin was so dry it actually hurt & nothing helped..until this sample along with the Herbal cleanser & Calendula Remedy oil. I used the Nutrient Dense oil on the lines around my mouth from years of smoking..gone, as well as around my eyes for wrinkles. That was 2 bonuses on top of glowing skin that didn’t hurt & was baby smooth. I’ve been saving up to buy this full bottle and can’t wait! I can say all of these products really helped me & I won’t waste my money trying anything else!!

Sustainable Beauty ®

Our founder’s family has honored nature’s cyclical rhythms of farm life for the last 200 years and this remains at the heart of Farmaesthetics’ practices and processes. Our commitment to sustainability, from seedling to packaging, is at the core of every product and decision we make.

Our Commitments

Free of Synthetic & Artificial Ingredients

Ethically Sourced & Harvested

Made in Small Batches in the USA

Sustainable Packaging & Processes

Cruelty Free

Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil – .85 fl oz