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The Beach Bag Edit

These are our go-to suncare products

to stay hydrated in the heat!

Watercress Eye Gel

Made with watercress, cucumber, caffeine, and aloe- use alone or over makeup throughout the day to cool, hydrate and lift the eye area. 

Classic Rosewater Facial Mist 

This softly fragrant hydrating facial mist binds moisture to the skin, protecting it from moisture loss. The antiseptic properties of natural witch hazel help keep skin clear of germs, bacteria, and other unhealthy contaminants.

Lip Softener 

Full of Calendula to strengthen and mend- helps prevent lines, wrinkles, creases and cracking due to dry, or overexposed lips.

Remember to replenish and repair as soon as you find some shade:

Cool Aloe Mist 

Use after sun exposure for instant, anti-inflammatory relief and to prevent peeling.

Midnight Honey Bath & Beauty Oil

An inspired preparation–elegant and complex in its ability to deeply condition the skin, restoring suppleness to the whole-body complexion.

High Cotton Body Dust 

Talc-free and softly scented, this skin-settling herbal body powder is perfect for before and after sports, for use on feet, or as a natural deodorizer for underarm area, or any “hot spots” where moisture and irritation can occur. 

Flour Sack Towels

These are our go-to “everything” towels. No seriously, we use them for EVERYTHING! Like wrapping wet hair, an impromptu picnic, or soak in water and keep in a cooler for a quick and ready cool down when feeling the heat! 

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