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Skincare Layering 101

As we head into spring, most of us will be looking for a total skin refresh. Seasonal fluctuations in weather and temperatures are hard on the skin and can deplete even a healthy complexion. This is when we can turn to layering, combining compatible products, that work together to boost moisture and infuse protective ingredients that lock in hydration. Much like layering sweaters, we can address changes that come with early spring by mixing products to increase levels of moisture that nourish, not smother, the skin. Follow along for some of the best tips we’ve collected from professionals and at home beauty enthusiasts alike. 

First, remember to adjust your skincare routine for the season or environment you are in. To start, choose a fragrance free, gentle natural cleanser that thoroughly cleanses without stripping skin of its needed natural oils. Combining a gentle cleanser, like our Fine Herbal Cleanser with a lactic acid exfoliate, creates a soft supple palette perfect for introducing needed moisture and nutrients. Mixing Fine Herbal Cleanser with Sweet Milk & Lavender Bud Facial Exfoliate, helps remove dull, spent topical cells, yet is gentle enough for daily use. Exfoliation is an important first step before introducing hydration, as skin that is soft and supple is ready to absorb a nutrient rich moisture application. 

Next, it’s time to layer in the moisture, and a good rule of thumb is to go from the lightest product to the richest. 

Facial oils, lotions and creams address dryness as they provide deeper hydration and help lock in moisture and create a protective barrier to moisture loss. It’s easy to add boosts of hydration to your daily moisturizers by adding a few drops of a skin conditioning oil, like our Complexion Conserve Serum for drier, damaged skin, or Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil to boost and feed oilier or more sensitive skin. Any of these organic oils blend beautifully when added to Nourishing Lavender Milk or add to our Nourishing Herbal Cream to address depleted, or more mature skin. 

At Farmaesthetics we create herbal products that work in synergy with each other, helping restore a healthy moisture balance and protect from moisture loss, encouraging cell renewal. 

A few other tips for layering products to boost hydration and protection: 

  • Try applying Hand to Heel Softening Salve as a last step, to lips, corners of the nose, or any dry patchiness of skin, or apply to neck at night after moisture application to help soften and smooth lines while you sleep.
  • Apply Complexion Conserve Serum to top of hands after moisturizing as a nighttime step to rejuvenate dry, thin skin of the hand. Or apply after moisturizing to the skin around the mouth to address little lines and creases.
  • For super-hydration, to address a depleted, dry or damaged complexion, mix Nourishing Lavender Milk with our Nourishing Herbal Cream then apply to face and neck for a moisture-packed over-night mask to bathe the skin in protective moisture all night long.

There are so many ways to mix and layer skincare products to achieve the deeper levels of hydration and protection we need as we cycle into a new season.

Happy Spring!

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