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Love in Bloom

Much like the sweet scents and aromas of flowers in bloom, our Valentine’s Day offerings provide a romantic, sensory, and overall joyous experience. This year we celebrate all forms of love with our own special Love Elixir and rose-inspired Love in Bloom Gift Set. Beautiful and beneficial, these newest additions are created to elevate and inspire love of all kinds.

Love Elixir- Our ode to the lighthearted sweetness of a love potion. Made with rose essential oil, nigella (also known as love-in-a-mist), and organic borage oil, this is a heart-centered rose perfume oil to apply to pulse points of wrists, neck and décolleté to perfume the body and hair. Use in aromatherapy by placing Love Elixir in palms, then press hands to the heart, allowing the warmth of the body’s circulation to infuse the skin with beneficial properties of rose, borage and nigella. This natural rose perfume oil creates a fragrance path for enhanced sensuality, opening us to the beauty in ourselves and in others- the perfect confluence of confidence and desire.

Love in Bloom- Limited edition 4- piece gift set is a Valentine to the senses, an invitation to indulge in the elegance of nature with organic rose petals, herbs, oils and grains. This bathing ritual set is created to soften the skin and open the heart. Each gift set contains:

  • Love Elixir- A heart-centered rose perfume oil to apply to pulse points of wrists, neck and décolleté to perfume the body and hair
  • Sweet Soy, Rose & Geranium Bath & Beauty Oil- Elegant and complex in its ability to condition and soften the skin, this precious rose and herbal body oil can be mixed with Rose Petal Body Scrub to create a delicious organic exfoliating body treatment. Or use alone, at any time, as a bath or body moisturizer to restore a soft, supple glow
  • Rose Petal Body Scrub A non- abrasive exfoliating body scrub to remove dry cells, revealing soft, fresh skin. When mixed with Sweet Soy Rose & Geranium Bath & Beauty Oil, the cornmeal and rose petals combine to create an exfoliating scrub that brightens the body’s complexion
  • Dried Organic Rose Petals- A little glass apothecary jar of dried, pink, organic rose petals to place in the bath and enhance the bathing ritual. Sprinkle petals on top of hot bath water to beautify the experience and enliven the senses. Or steep rose petals in a hot cup of water, then sweeten the rose tea with honey and sip while soaking in the tub. Hot tea taken in a steamy bath soak helps open the pores and accelerates the detoxification process

Perfect for all types of gifting, to enjoy and help spread the love…

Will you be our Valentine? xoxo

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