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Jasmine to Enhance Skin Health and Heart

Jasmine is a precious essential oil. Like Rose oil, it takes an enormous amount of the tiny, delicate flowers to produce a relatively small amount of essential oil. The magic, however, is in the intensity of what is produced- an oil so rich in scent and beneficial content that very little oil is required to impart the Jasmine experience. Like Rose, it is known to improve overall skin health.

Jasmine is a delicious ingredient to help build and strengthen the skin’s natural protective barrier by toning, addressing inflammation, and skin elasticity- all while imparting its precious fine perfume. The sweet, warm, heady scent of Jasmine is the heart note of this newest addition to our Sweet Soy Bath & Beauty Oil Collection.

Apply our Sweet Soy & Jasmine Oil to warm the complexion, stimulate circulation and moisturize the skin. Dull, dry or sensitive skin conditions will especially benefit, but we can’t forget that Jasmine, known as the “king” of essential oils in aromatherapy, is also used to relax and relieve mental and muscular tension, open the heart, and improve confidence and self-esteem.

This oil is a true Jasmine preparation, with a scent that is rich, warm and delicately floral but with a definite earthy undertone that turns any daily skincare regimen into a beautiful self-care ritual.

~ Experience The Benefits of Jasmine ~

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