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Top 4 Tips to Add to Your Springtime Skincare Routine

Spring is upon us!

We welcome Springtime’s many benefits to uplift winter weary skin (and spirits) with herbs, flowers and the fresh scents of spring. Here are 4 simple steps we like to add to our routine in support of our skin’s transition to Spring.

4 Top Springtime Tips:

Refreshing the skin starts with exfoliation

Polish and Glow:  Now is the time to show your skin some extra care and attention. We love a non-abrasive facial polish or gentle lactic acid exfoliate to remove dead cells, smooth skin texture, and clear congested pores- revealing fresh, supple skin that glows.

Rebalance: Add a weekly treatment mask to soothe, calm and quench the skin, while reducing redness or irritation. This step helps restore and maintain a proper moisture balance, so your skin is ready for hydration and protection.

Recommended Products: Sweet Milk Exfoliates, Vassar Rose Perfecting Polish, Herbal Hydration Complex Mask

Switch to a lighter daily moisturizer 

Lighter Layers: With warmer weather and increased sun exposure, transitioning your daily moisturizer to a lighter, more quickly absorbing option is key. We find that facial oils are the best light-weight options, because they feed and nourish the skin with important nutrients, while creating a protective barrier to moisture loss. This is especially important when adding sun protection, whether an SPF cream, lotion or an SPF tinted foundation. Keeping it light helps you layer without congesting the pores.

Recommended Products: Nourishing Lavender Milk, Midnight Honey Bath & Beauty Oil, Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil

Opt in for a facial toner or mist to refresh and brighten the complexion 

Tone: A great way to tone the skin, complete the cleansing process, and add elasticity is by adding a facial toner to your routine. Gentle, natural antibacterial facial toners soften, refresh, and purify, without drying the skin. Toners also improve the effectiveness of other products by softening tissue, preparing it for optimal absorption of any added moisturize. 

Spritz and Mist: Facial mists are also a great way to keep your skin looking and feeling fresh throughout the day and can be applied over and under makeup. We love mists that contain glycerin- one of nature’s most powerful humectants. Vegetable glycerin is known to attract and help bind moisture to the skin, reducing moisture loss and maintaining a supple glow.

Recommended Products: Pure Complexion Tonic, Classic Waters

Layer in springtime scents!

In winter months we love embracing the scents of pine, eucalyptus, cinnamon, and clove. In the spring, we turn to more citrusy and floral scents that brighten and energize! Orange and almond blossoms, geranium, and lemon are some of our favorite springtime scents to layer into your skincare routines. 

And of course, keep applying your sunscreen, wear a hat when in the sun, and drink plenty of water! 

Happy Spring!

Your friends at Farmaesthetics

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