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Herbal Hydration Mask
2 oz

Herbal Hydration Mask
2 oz



Our Herbal Hydration Complex is an advanced, high level treatment mask (somewhere between a luscious mousse and a cooling gel) to restore, support and maintain proper moisture levels, while eliminating excess oil and boosting skin’s defense mechanisms against environmental damage. Use when skin is inflamed, irritated or imbalanced, or simply to treat skin to a calming, beautifying natural reprieve while bathing tissue in healing herbal moisture.

Earth Day Beauty Award Winner for “Best 5-Minute Complexion Makeover”

2 oz net wt glass jar

100% natural, no artificial preservatives, petroleum products, synthetic fragrances, dyes or talc. Just the freshest ingredients from American family farms.

How to Use

Apply a thin layer to clean dry skin, using fingers or brush in upward motions, then working the preparation into the skin from the neck to the forehead.

For optimal results, leave on for 5-10 minutes, although it can be left on for hours. Remove excess with a damp, warm cloth or splash away with warm water. Skin will emerge supple, soft and even. Follow with moisturizer or facial oil.

Use morning or evening, 1-3 times per week as part of maintenance regimen or as reparative treatment.

Avoid eye area. Best if used within 1 year of opening, keep away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Discontinue if irritation occurs. Results may vary.

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars
  • Maureen J. October 27, 2021

    Favorite After Sun Product

    Living in Florida I spend a lot of time outdoors in the sun-sometimes intentionally, but often unintentionally. After a day of full-on receiving the sun’s glorious rays this product is my go-to! I keep it in the shower and apply it as soon as I step in. This gorgeously scented amazing green loveliness on my face and neck, combined with the steam of the shower and trickle of rainwater equates to one relaxing experience!! I love this product!!!
    It is the one product I absolutely cannot live without!!

  • Shawnah June 17, 2021


    I picked this up expecting not much… I figured just another mask to enjoy. Oh boy did this ever help me. I had some sort of rash on my face I don’t know what it was. I left this mask on for two nights an hour each time and spot treated the spots overnight. BAM they were gone, no scars left behind I was worried they would scar. My son 9 gets eczema around his nose and this helps that as well. I’m so thankful I picked this up from Saks fifth Ave on a whim buy! THANK YOU

  • Rachel K. April 16, 2021

    My Go To

    My favorite light-weight mask! It is herbal, refreshing and absorbs well into the skin, leaving it plump and moisturized. I have had a patch of eczema around the base of my nose for years. After applying this mask for the first time, I decided to leave a bit of it on my trouble area over night. When I woke up the next morning, I noticed the patch had subsided and was almost gone! A few more uses and my excema went away completely.
    The only down side has been the price, but luckily a little goes a long way. Thank you for this product.

  • Katie May 22, 2020

    Standing ovation for this mask!!!!
    My skin is sensitive–and with my family history of rosacea, I take every preventative measure to "treat" my skin.
    I use this mask at least once a week. The cooling sensation is immediate once applied, and the GLOW is real after removing!!
    Add it to your cart….you’ll thank yourself!

  • Alyssa November 08, 2018

    I received a sample of this mask with my last order and I cannot wait to get a full size. It is so hydrating and calming. Smells great, feels light, and leaves skin supple and soft. Feels like I’m at a fancy spa! As with all of these products, a little goes a long way so I’m sure the full size will last me forever.

  • Nicole July 05, 2017

    I never get sunburn. Yesterday I was in the pool all day and burned my shoulders and arms. I slathered on this amazing mask and slept with it on. I woke up to redness completely gone. Skin is still hot but this took away all the red away! I also uses lavender milk and tons of cool aloe spray. I layers them all on! God bless Farmaesthetics!

  • Suzanne May 01, 2017

    What a refreshing mask! I use it after my peels or microdermabrasion treatments and it calms and cools my skin immediately. The redness subsides and I’m left with hydrated and soft skin. Love it!

  • Barbara October 30, 2016

    I use Herbal Hydration Complex in between exfoliations using the Sweet Milk Lavender Exfoliate and the Vassar Rose Perfecting Polish. This product is like a "vacation" for your face. It is truly a remedy for stressed skin. My face always appears more refreshed and vibrant after I use this mask. It is a little pricey but worth the money.

  • Mary April 11, 2016

    I have been so down about how my face has been looking ..very dull and dry. I came across the moisture mask in my vanity and thought I would give it a try. Wow. It was amazing! I am turning 52 and now my face feels like 32. Why did I doubt?

Sustainable Beauty ®

Our founder’s family has honored nature’s cyclical rhythms of farm life for the last 200 years and this remains at the heart of Farmaesthetics’ practices and processes. Our commitment to sustainability, from seedling to packaging, is at the core of every product and decision we make.

Our Commitments

Free of Synthetic & Artificial Ingredients

Ethically Sourced & Harvested

Made in Small Batches in the USA

Sustainable Packaging & Processes

Cruelty Free

Herbal Hydration Mask – 2 oz