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Ingredient Highlight: Aloe Vera

There is much to know, learn and love about Aloe Vera. Its role in keeping skin healthy and hydrated even in the driest most challenging conditions is undisputed. We can see how nature positions Aloe for use by observing where it grows. Dry, hot geographic areas like the American Southwest have aloe abundantly available, and in areas where there is little to no water, the aloe plant provides healing hydration within its thick gelatinous leaves. With a composition similar to human plasma and seawater, aloe vera acts as a hydrating, anti-inflammatory to sooth and replenish damaged, or inflamed tissue. That is why we see aloe used in so many sunburn and dry skin products.

But recent research has also revealed that aloe vera when applied topically, acts as an effective barrier to pollutants, reducing oxidative stress created by free radicals and activating the body’s detoxification system to protect from skin-degrading pollutants.

What exactly do pollutants do to the skin? They generate free radicals- those unstable molecules that accelerate the aging process. While the body is equipped to neutralize a certain amount of these rogue molecules that attack and degrade collagen and elastin (skin’s supporting structures), it cannot handle them all. Applying aloe to the skin reinforces the skin’s protective barrier by creating a “shield”, helping keep pollutants out and water in.

Whether in the city or at the beach, aloe vera has an important place in keeping skin healthy, hydrated and protected year round.

Find Aloe Vera in the following Farmaesthetics products: 

Cool Aloe Mist, Watercress Eye Gel, Herbal Hydration Complex Remedy Reserve Mask, Gentle Mint Organic Body Wash, Hydrating Organic Handwash, Rainwater, Aloe & Lemongrass Bath & Beauty Bar, Almond Blossom Organic Body Wash 

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