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Introducing: The Lavender Milk Candle!  

Hand-poured in Paris, 100% natural, vegan, luscious and full of lavender, this candle is our Nourishing Lavender Milk with a wick.

For years, Farmaesthetics customers have requested a room spray, perfume, candle or anything that would extend the relaxing, soft scent of our bestselling Nourishing Lavender Milk lotion. So, I set out to find a candle maker- not a candle manufacturer, but rather an artisan who could work with me to create a Farmaesthetics Lavender Milk fine herbal candle. I reached for Celine Chappert of Officine Oils because of her like-minded approach to traditionalism- preserving a craft passed down to her through generations. Although countries, cultures, and generations separate us, we share the intense bond of using traditional methods of herbal formulation, whether to create skincare, perfumes, or candles. 

Having both grown up within the influence of more rural environments that honor seasonal cycles, (Celine on her Uncle’s farm in Provence, and me on my family’s farm in Texas), we both embrace traditional skillsets that honor nature as the driving force in product creation. After all, candles are not just room fragrance. Candles have long been used as a form of incense, and when made traditionally with natural essential oils, waxes, wicks- candles soften a space, imbuing it with healing benefits. When lit, our natural candle releases essential oils, throwing scent and a warm glow as it burns to cleanse, balance and elevate one’s personal space.

This summer, I travelled to Provence to visit Celine at the candle-making helm. We walked through her Uncle’s lavender fields and observed the lavender harvest as it was distilled into high grade therapeutic essential oil for use in our Lavender Milk Candle. In Celine’s Atelier in Paris, we worked together as two formulators to put the final touches on our luscious Lavender Milk Candle

By standing on the shoulders of those with knowledge who have gone before, Celine and I walked side by side, learning from each other and sharing the tools of the trade to create this true farm- to- candle creation.

I hope you enjoy this candle as much as we do, and that its soft scents of oakmoss, lichen and lavender infuse your personal space with comfort and joy.

-Brenda Brock, Farmaesthetics Founder/ Formulator/ CEO

Sustainable Beauty ®

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