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Farmaesthetics Fall Favorites

A slight shift in the weather should be accompanied by a slight shift in your skincare approach and products. Just a few additions or tweaks can yield big benefits toward sustaining skin health season to season!

Here are a few of our customer’s top picks to layer into your Autumn routine

Bring Warmth to the Body to Increase Circulation:

Deep Lavender Rub

Made with heat producing essential oils combined in a beeswax-based balm, this product addresses areas of congestion or tension.

Vapor Bath Elixir

For the warm bath lovers, this “spa in a bottle”, has the ability to relieve muscle tension while opening congestion and bathing skin in purifying chlorophyll to refresh the whole body.

Warming Oil, Etheric Inhalation Oil

An aromatherapeutic wand of relief to soothe a system not yet used to chillier climes. A drop in the palm or added to bath water will warm the system and increase circulation.

Add extra nutrients into each step to increase skin elasticity:


This gentle all-natural eye makeup remover is free of synthetics (known to thin skin, making way for lines and wrinkles). May also use as a treatment oil to help brighten dark circles under eyes.  

Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil

A soothing serum and reparative elixir made from 9 organic oils that will absorb quickly into thirsty skin.

Nourishing Herbal Cream

Our luscious calendula-rich treatment cream to tap into the driest areas of skin, or to layer over Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil to enrich skin with nourishing herbal oils.

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