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Fall is for Exfoliating!

Removing tired or dead skin cells from face and body is step one of any complexion refresh. Consistent exfoliation helps create skin that is receptive to rehydration, and helps protect and reduce any damage as drier, winter conditions creep into our environment. Most every area of the body can benefit from exfoliation, but the face, (receiving the most exposure), is made of delicate tissue and needs special consideration when exfoliating.

Truth is, dead skin cells should flake away when new cells are created, but most often they hang around, making your skin appear uneven, blotchy, or dull. So, let’s take a closer look at facial exfoliation, and the benefit of using natural exfoliates over harsher chemical or mechanical ones. And remember, exfoliating and “scrubbing” are not the same! To soften the complexion and promote skin health, removing dead skin without abrasives is very important.

At Farmaesthetics we utilize natural lactic acid in its whole organic milk form to dissolve dead, dull skin cells while infusing skin with the good carbs and fats needed to feed and plump depleted tissue. We formulate our Sweet Milk Facial Exfoliates with powdered organic cow’s milk (sourced from a family farm in Iowa) and combine it with finely ground organic herbs.

All 4 of our Sweet Milk Facial Exfoliates will help clear away dull skin and brighten the complexion. However, the added herbs or flowers in each “flavor” of exfoliate further refine the treatment benefits. We invite you to dive into these unique herbal combinations to find the exfoliate that is right for you:

Sweet Milk & Lavender Buds

Ground organic lavender buds serve as a natural antibacterial and help accelerate cell turnover.

Sweet Milk & Rose Petals

Ground organic rose petals serve to firm and soften tissue, while delivering a solid dose of vitamin c to boost that youthful glow.

Sweet Milk & Orange Peel

Ground organic orange peels are super-charged with vitamin c and help clear congested pores, rebalance oily or acne prone skin, and boost skin brightness.

Sweet Milk & Chamomile Flowers

Ground organic chamomile flowers contain anti-inflammatory properties that soothe skin, helping reduce redness and irritation.

How To Use:

To apply to the face, neck and décolleté, simply mix a tablespoon of Sweet Milk Facial Exfoliate of choice with a few pumps of our Fine Herbal Cleanser, then blend to desired consistency. Apply with fingertips or a fan brush to clean, damp skin. Lightly massage into skin with a relaxed circular motion. Rinse away with warm water or leave on for a few extra minutes as a mask for deeper exfoliation. The result is pure skincare delight- a supple, soft complexion, ready for your moisture application of choice.

If you have any questions about our natural exfoliates or techniques, just send us an email at info@farmaesthetics.com and we will be happy to help.

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