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Ingredients: P – S

Paprika (organic)

We use powdered organic paprika in our handmade Rainwater Bath & Beauty Bars to enhance the sensual experience of the soap, by adding natural color to texture and scent. Paprika has been used for centuries as a fail-safe alternative to artificial dyes. Its deep, rich shade of orange visually supports a fragrant herbal bathing experience.

Peppermint (organic)

Cools the skin, relieves the discomforts of heat rash, reduces the itch and sting of insect bites, and overall stimulates circulation, while acting as a purifying agent to keep skin clean and healthy. The menthol in the leaf and oil provides relief and refreshment to most skin irritations, and the sinus relieving vapors ease a congested nose.


A solid circulatory agent derived from the needles of Pine trees, this is a very effective oil to help ease muscular aches and neuralgia. Its also used in herbalism for its properties as a pulmonary antiseptic, making it useful in steam inhalation, or hot soaks to release the volatile vapors that help ease upper respiratory congestion.

Pink Himalayan Sea Salt

Iron, potassium, magnesium and calcium are just a few of the many minerals found in pink salts. Purifying, skin softening, and relaxing to tight or tense muscles.

Poppy Seeds

We use whole organic poppyseeds in our handmade Rainwater Bath & Beauty Bars to up the manual exfoliation benefits to help remove dry, rough skin. By adding poppyseeds as a natural abrasive, the soap becomes a fragrant exfoliating bar to gently but thoroughly clean the skin.


Our artisanal soaps are made with frozen rain collected in early spring then melted, carefully filtered and purified. Rinsing with rainwater has been a beauty tradition for generations in most every culture. Unlike hard water that can leave deposits, rainwater acts as a buffering agent in soap, leaving skin soft, silky smooth, and squeaky clean.

Rapeseed Wax

Rapeseed Wax is the preferred wax of traditional French candle makers and is the wax we used to craft our Midnight Absolute Candle. Rapeseed is a yellow flowering plant with its seeds being the source of the oil that is used to make the wax. Possessing its own flowery, soft sweet scent profile, rapeseed wax mingles beautifully with essential oils. It also has a longer burning time than other waxes, and releases more and slowly and gradually, creating a calming, relaxing atmosphere.

Rose (organic)

Roses are known for providing nourishment to the skin with qualities that are entirely feminine. Its complex chemistry makes rose a cleansing, purifying, regulating tonic, excellent for treating dry, sensitive or aging skin. Rose is known to diminish redness on the face caused by enlarged capillaries, helping settle the skin and restoring texture and tone.

Rose Geranium

Helps to balance the secretion of sebum, serving imbalanced complexions (i..e. congested, troubled complexions). The antiseptic properties in this lively fragranced oil support ongoing good skin health.

Rosehips (organic)

Rosehips are the accessory fruit of the rose plant that forms. After pollination of roses in spring, they ripen and are harvested in late summer through fall, when they are at their peak of nutritional content. Containing 60 times as much Vitamin C as oranges, ground organic Rosehips provide a powerful natural dose of Vit C and the essential fatty acid, GLA. Both of these key antioxidants are needed to restore and protect delicate facial tissue from environmental damage that weakens and ages the skin.


After lavender, rosemary is probably the most important plant used in multiple ways as a therapeutic. It is heat-producing and improves circulation but it is also widely used in aromatherapy to “clear the head”, helping with mental clarity and improving memory and recall. Overall this is a most excellent ingredient to use in external applications to relax and reset an imbalanced system.


Fresh and delicately scented, rosewater has soothing, cooling, anti-inflammatory properties making it a gentle antiseptic and mild astringent for use in skincare. Rosewater can be used safely on even the most sensitive skin, and is one of the only ingredients recommended for use as a toner for drier complexions.


Rosewood essential oil is known as an effective, yet mild antiseptic and antibacterial with properties to help balance oily or acne prone skin that is also very sensitive. Valued for its ability to benefit the skin, it is also known in aroma-therapy to help uplift those who feel dragged down by life. Some consider this oil an aroma-therapeutic oil for the soul.

Sage (organic)

Sage, who’s name is derived from the Latin word for “salvation”, has a unique composition making it a superior healing herb with many uses and benefits. We use sage for its ability to reduce perspiration and eliminate odors, making it nature’s perfect deodorant.

Sea Salt

Natural seawater dried into crystals and used topically in soaks to remineralize the body, and soften the skin. Often used in herbal formulation to help stabilize dry products, adding to the shelf life.


A saltwater sea plant, harvested in Maine and brimming with health-enhancing minerals like iodine, calcium, zinc, copper and vitamin c. Seaweed activates with warm water in skincare products, to absorbed through the skin, mimicking the benefits of a dip in the sea.

Shea Butter

A delicious organic nut butter known to reinforce and maintain skin’s natural moisture barrier. Filled with essential fatty acids and other natural lipid compounds, Shea Butter provides prolonged protection to moisture loss, keeping skin soft and supple.

Silk Powder

Our ethically harvested Silk Powder contains 18 different amino acids, all from the cocoon of the silk worm, and all have a chemical composition that is very close to that of human skin and hair, making them a wonderful source of nourishment and maintenance.

Sodium Borate (Borax)

A mineral that is mined and used in a number of consumer products as the trigger for a chemical reaction with beeswax; it is this reaction that binds ingredients together—natural playdough for children uses borax for this purpose which speaks to the safety of the ingredient. We use borax as a natural emulsifier in our creams and lotions to bind the formulation and prevent separation. It also gives lotion and cream a beautiful weight and “body.”

Solar Mineral Salts

Solar salt is produced by the action of sun & wind on seawater in natural salt lakes & oceans. The water evaporates in successive ponds until salt crystallizes on the floor of the “ponds”, where it is harvested. They are known for their remineralizing, water-softening properties, yielding the perfect environment for a therapeutic salt bath.

Sunflower Oil (organic)

A super-light oil, high in Vit A , E, B, lecithin and carotenoids, that absorbs quickly, thoroughly moisturizing skin, without leaving an oily sheen on the skin.

Sweet Almond Oil

The benefits never end with Almond Oil. A light, odorless, high-grade fruit kernel oil that contains anti-inflammatory, antioxidant compounds, vitamin D, E and various minerals that help protect skin from UV damage and help restore skins moisture barrier.