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What We’re Sweet On – Sweet Milk Facial Exfoliate Series

Our Sweet Milk Exfoliate Series is a favorite part of any Farmaesthetics facial.

Beauty benefits courtesy of natural lactic acid and ground organic herbs

Have you tried them all? What’s your favorite?

Lavender:My favorite scent of the series, I love that this helps prevent future outbreaks while leaving my skin amazingly smooth. Gentle enough to use daily, it’s a staple of my routine!” – Amanda, Director of Operations

Rose Petal: “The Sweet Milk and Rose Petal Exfoliate is part of my weekly skin ritual. It is gentle, yet effective, on my sensitive skin making my complexion visibly brighter (vitamin c) and smoother (lactic acid) after use” – Kristi, Director of Finance

Orange Peel: “Hard to choose. I love them all, but I love the organic orange Peel especially. I need that brilliant vitamin C push to brighten my complexion, while boosting the lactic acid for a deeper exfoliation. It’s my go-to, but especially now that I am less active while working from home. A quick little facial with this exfoliate helps me look like a just did a HIIT45 spin class!” – Brenda, Founder

Chamomile: “My favorite to use when my skin needs something soothing (chamomile). I have sensitive skin, easily irritated, especially helps if I’ve been in the sun too long.” – Jordan, Associate

How to Mix Your Sweet Milk Facial Exfoliate

  • Step 1. Sweet Milk Facial Exfoliate (your choice!): Sprinkle a tablespoon of Sweet Milk Exfoliate in cupped hand or small bowl
  • Step 2. Add Fine Herbal Cleanser: Made to be mixed with our Fine Herbal Cleanser whose ingredients activate the lactic acid creating a luscious, creamy texture, to infuse skin with organic herbal goodness
  • Step 3. Apply: Apply Sweet Milk Exfoliate mixture to clean, damp skin with gentle circular motion. Leave on face (and décolleté) for as little as 3 minutes to see a visible, optimal glow

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