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Why You Need Calendula in Your Skincare Routine

The Power of Calendula!

Calendula is called the “skin-mending herb” for so many good reasons: It promotes fast-healing
and is known to strengthen tissue, preventing “sagging”, a common concern with aging.

We love Calendula so much we infuse it into as many of our skincare products as we can. Whether for face or body, in one of our lotions, oils, creams or salves, chances are the ingredient list includes this beautiful multitasking super-hero ingredient

For use on Face: We use Calendula in many of our facial products to target elasticity and help support healthy skin texture and tone. Another reason and added bonus- Calendula has been shown to increase collagen levels in the skin!

For use on Body: Calendula is the perfect ingredient for use in bath, body and shower products. Whether in a moisturizing oil, bar soap or body lotion, Calendula contributes to skin’s elasticity, providing soothing protection to keep skin soft and supple.

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