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The #1 Skin-Mending Herb to Include in Your Summer Routine

Summertime invites us into the great outdoors, but while we are soaking up all that beauty, sunshine, fresh air and salty breeze, we are also exposing our skin to external elements that cause eyes to squint, skin to dry out, irritation to occur (think sumac, poison ivy or oak) and of course the ubiquitous too much sun and heat. The #1 herb we recommend including in your summer skincare routine is… Calendula!

A heady, resinous flower from the marigold family, Calendula promotes fast-healing of tissue in a number of ways.  Dealing with dryness, scarring, discoloration, hyperpigmentation, thinning of delicate skin, or skin that is irritated from exposure to external irritants is this herb’s game. Wounds, scars, burns, even laser surgery are no match for Calendula and we use it in many of our creams, oils, salves and lotions.

Here are a few testimonials that shine light on Calendula’s unique contribution within a formula, to help deal with summer skin woes:

  • Calendula Remedy Oil “I had the worst episode of poison ivy ever on my leg. I tried this and it cleared it up right away. I had a patch a week later that started on my wrist. It never amounted to much once I put this on. Why it works for that, I have no clue, but I just know it does. I absolutely LOVE what it did. My leg did not scar and I thought it was lost cause!
  • Hand to Heel Softening Salve “A barely-there scent of lavender with a touch of peppermint, this balm almost liquifies when you swirl your fingers through it. Just a touch softened my lips, feet, and hands and left my dear 79 year old mother’s work-weary hands no longer feeling tight and stretched.”
  • Nourishing Lavender Milk “I have been dealing with some pretty serious skin issues after undergoing full body radiation treatment. I had areas of skin darkening (almost like a bad sunburn) and my whole body is dry and peeling. I’ve tried every lotion imaginable before trying this lotion. So far, it is the only lotion that soothes my skin from the intense itchiness while also moisturizing without being heavy and greasy. This stuff is the real deal!”
  • Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil “My skin was so dry it actually hurt and nothing helped until I used the Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil… on the lines around my mouth from years of smoking… as well as around my eyes for wrinkles- gone!

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~Feel the Power of this Flower~

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