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Sweater Weather Skincare Routine – Time to Switch It Up

It’s finally sweater weather in the Northeast, and with that comes a change of season so beautiful and majestic – the crisp air, leaves changing color, a time to harvest gifts from the garden – but it also can wreak havoc on our skin! Changes in humidity and temperature can be seen on our face and body as thirsty skin, chapped lips, scaly legs, dullness…the list goes on and on. Thankfully, our expertise in American Herbal Traditions for skin health and natural beauty, will serve to restore balance and radiance to skin in transition.

Every change of season I embark on a skincare reboot. Try this once a week for a month to rebalance skin. The plan is simple but consistent: exfoliation followed by nourishment.

For Body: Enjoy a gentle buffing using our Midnight Honey Body Buzz duo – a Farm favorite and best seller. Simply combine 2 tablespoons of Honey Dust Body Scrub and 1 tablespoon of our delicious Midnight Honey Bath & Beauty Oil into a paste. In the shower, allowing the steam to work its curative magic, spread this indulgent honey-scented mixture from neck to toe – making sure to give special attention to the driest spots (for me it’s elbows, knees and ankles), then rinse. While still damp and warm, slather on a layer of Midnight Honey Bath & Beauty Oil to nourish tissue and seal in moisture.

For Face: At night, mix equal parts Vassar Rose Perfecting Polish and Fine Herbal Cleanser or water to make a lush purple paste. Apply to face and neck, gently massaging to encourage cell renewal, stimulate circulation and collagen production, and to restore skin texture and tone. Rinse and follow with a thin layer of Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil, a soothing serum and reparative elixir made from 9 organic oils that will absorb quickly into thirsty skin.

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