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Watercress: Rural Wisdom for Modern Beauty

Most of you know me as the founder and formulator of Farmaesthetics.  What you may not know is that I am also a self-proclaimed “Ruralist”.

I study traditional rural cultures and plants and herbs utilized in their daily lives. I follow the plant logic as it flows from nature and apply it to personal care and beauty regimens used to sustain vitality, health and longevity. Plant logic is central to my herbal methodology, and inherent in all Farmaesthetics herbal preparations.

If you want to know the plant, grow the plant, and Watercress is one I needed to know better. So, I took the Watercress nature path about two years ago. I discovered that it is not only an alluring plant with modern health and beauty benefits, but it also comes with an ancient guarantee that goes all the way back to Hippocrates in Greece. The world’s first “doctor” deliberately established his hospitals alongside clean streams to ensure patients had a constant, fresh supply of Watercress; an original superfood.

Although the term ‘superfood’ is a relatively modern one, Watercress has been a harbinger of health for centuries. Pioneers looked for Watercress growing along shores of rivers and streams as an indicator that the water was pure and fresh to drink. Watercress will not grow in polluted or stagnant water. Love that!

I also discovered that this pretty little plant is a wildly powerful super-skin-food, full of nutrients to nourish tissue from both the inside and out. Watercress has one of the highest ANDI scores (Aggregate Nutrient Density Index) with many beauty benefits, including its support of collagen production.

Watercress, Arnica, Aloe, Willow Herb, Cucumber, Caffeine and Chamomile: I invite you to nourish your future with a beauty strategy that includes our newest herbal offering, Watercress Eye Gel. Use it at night in treatment or throughout the day over makeup to cool and tighten the eye area anytime you need a lift.
A little Rural Wisdom goes a long way.

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