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Get to Know Our Remedy Oil Collection

Our Remedy Oils are hand-infused herbal oils for external application to help restore balance to the body. Made with dried organic herbs and flowers, each targets a specific set of conditions while moisturizing the skin. 

Infusing whole herbs in oil using time vs extracting botanical elements with heat or pressure, yields a potent yet gentle dose of the plant’s entire chemistry. This method has been used for thousands of years, long predating the making of essential oils. 

Our Remedy Oils honor these traditional methods and use organic herbs grown and harvested within season. Variations in color or intensity from batch to batch are to be expected and do not indicate a product’s defect or inconsistency, but is reassurance of the quality and freshness of the herbs and oils we use.

Arnica Remedy Oil
Infused in Soy Oil with Vitamin E 

Applied topically to reduce bruising, swelling and muscle soreness. Strengthens blood vessels to help reduce inflammation. Conditions and softens the skin.

For use on face and body in external massage, warm bath soaks or as complexion oil for all skin types. 

Tip- Use prior to laser, injectables or plastic surgery as a preventative measure to help reduce bruising and swelling post procedure.

Calendula Remedy Oil
Infused in Almond Oil with Vitamin E

Nature’s most powerful skin-mending herb.

Conditions and softens the skin, promotes fast-healing in all external skin conditions and reduces the appearance of scarring. Beneficial for wound healing.

For use on face and body as complexion oil for dry or mature skin optimizing your natural beauty.

Tip- Excellent protective treatment to strengthen tissue prior to exposure to the elements. Helps eliminate environmental impact of pollution on skin.

Nettle Remedy Oil
Infused in Almond Oil with Vitamin E

Effective treatment for hair loss and dry scalp conditions including cradle cap in babies.

Apply topically to deliver high amounts of anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties to hair, scalp and whole body. Rich in minerals, Nettle is known to stimulate new hair growth.

Tip- Use as a pre-wash treatment in your daily routine or as a styling oil.

Lemon Balm Remedy Oil
Infused in Almond Oil with Vitamin E

Known for its calming effect and ability to restore balance to a depleted system while conditioning and softening the skin.

Use in external massage, warm bath soaks or as a body oil.

Tip- Use to reduce agitation, calm anxiety and help with overwhelm. Add a drop of our Dreaming Etheric Inhalation Oil to help with a good night sleep.

~Fresh, Botanical, Traditional~

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  • Jordan on April 06, 2021

    I loved getting to know the Remedy Oil Collection! The Calendula one is speaking to me in particular…

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