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How Natural Facial Oils Improve Your Complexion

When it comes to healthy beauty routines, natural and organic oils are important carriers of the nutrients needed to enhance skin health. So why are so many of us still shy about applying oils to the face? Common misconceptions include fear of breakouts, clogged pores, or that oils won’t penetrate and hydrate the skin. Well, today we put those notions to rest! 

Many of the misconceptions of using oils in skincare stem from the world of synthetic ingredients. Mineral oils and other petroleum-based synthetic oils can irritate, inflame and overall compromise skin health. However, when unadulterated natural, organic oils are used in daily skincare practices the beauty benefits are endless. 

Oil acts as a carrier for important nutrients like amino acids, vitamins and other organic compounds that feed and sustain skin health and vibrancy. So if you want to combat fine lines and discoloration, and protect your skin from moisture loss and environmental damage, organic, natural facial oils deliver the goods.

And remember, there is no right or wrong way. There are only results to guide us.

So reach for a beautiful organic, natural oil and follow a few simple steps for how best to apply and for which conditions.

The Basics: Oil + Water = Moisture. Always apply oils to clean, damp skin. Applying to damp skin after a cleanse allows the oil to spread more easily and absorb into skin more effectively. Moisture added to the skin, whether through water, a facial mist, aloe, or a toner, acts as a carrier for the oil, making it super-emollient. A little goes a long way! 

How to Apply: Warm oil in hands then apply to the skin with fingertips in light tapping and gentle circular motion. No rubbing. We also love using facial oils with gentle massage on the neck and décolleté. This helps encourage lymphatic drainage to reduce puffiness and increase circulation.

For a Simple Daily Routine: Start by cleansing the skin, then applying a natural toner (Pure Complexion Tonic)or mist (Classic Waters, Rose), followed by a facial oil like Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil. Many people apply oils first, right after cleansing, then lock it in with a beeswax based lotion (Nourishing Lavender Milk) to seal and protect from moisture loss.

For those with Dry Skin: Apply your favorite complexion oil after a thorough cleanse, then layer with a nutrient-rich treatment serum (Complexion Conserve) and/or a protective cream (Nourishing Herbal Cream) to lock in skin-mending nutrients.

For those with Oily Skin: Use a lighter, non-comedogenic facial oil, like our Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil or Calendula Remedy Oil as a replacement to any beeswax- based moisturizer. *Avoid harsh cleansers and astringents that strip skin of natural oils encouraging overproduction.) Oily skin can get dehydrated, so applying moisture is very important. Natural and organic oils are perfect moisturizers for oily skin, as it helps restore balanced, healthy sebum production while adding hydration.

We stand by the honorable oils and use them in many ways here at Farmaesthetics. We hand make beautiful herbal preparations by infusing organic herbs in oils using a time honored process called herbal infusion, to produce our line of Remedy Oils for face and body. They include Calendula, Lemon Balm, Arnica and Nettle and are powerful herbal oils in their purest forms.

We also love Carrotseed, Grapeseed, Primrose, Sweet Cherry (a known natural compound that helps protect skin from the damage of UV rays!), Sunflower and Hemp (not that kind :),  and the list goes on. So fear not. Try leaving those negative notions behind and enter the era of trustworthy oils and let the results be your guide.

Check out our website and our Ingredient Library for specific oils we use in our products and why we love them. 

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