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Oily Skin?

Oily skin is not exclusively a bad thing- In fact, oily complexions generally age far more slowly than skin that is dry. However excess oiliness at any age, especially in younger skin, is a serious concern. When the tiny glands just beneath the skin produce too much oil, the result can be enlarged pores, blackheads and acne, all of which thrive in the environment excess oil creates for bacteria.

Restoring balance to an excessively oily complexion means reducing the amount of sebum produced, while cleansing skin of bacteria and providing moisture to feed tissue, helping it heal.

Here are a few basic concepts at the heart of rebalancing an oily complexion.:

  • Avoid: Synthetic astringents, and alcohol-based toners. These products strip skin of all oil, good and bad, and dry the outer layer of tissue signaling oil glands to produce even more oil- a vicious cycle that escalates oil production.
  • Embrace: Antibacterial, antiseptic products, avoiding synthetic alcohols and synthetic fragrances- ingredients derived from petroleum, clogging pores and stripping skin of needed oil and moisture, leaving tissue thin, weak and imbalanced.
  • Avoid: heavy creams and moisturizers that are occlusive, cloggoing pores, especially ones that contain synthetic thickeners, fragrances and preservatives derived from petroleum.
  • Embrace: Natural face oils that do not contain synthetic fillers or fragrances added to give products a certain scent or texture. Real oils are pure moisture for oily skin, and are easily absorbed, treating dehydration below skin’s surface, without clogging pores or further sensitizing inflamed tissue.
  • Avoid: Pharmaceutical prescriptions for everyday oiliness, and the multi-step, multi- product “oil stripping” regimens that never vary regardless of skin’s progress.
  • Embrace: The Less is more philosophy. Sometimes it’s what you do not use on oily skin that is most beneficial.

In short, keeping skin clean and hydrated is the most important part of helping skin restore itself to its natural state of balance. Trust your body on this one.

Here is a simple daily regimen that we recommend for oily skin utilizing organic herbs and oils known for supporting the regulation of oil production in skin:

  • Fine Herbal Cleaner (daily)
  • Sweet Milk and Lavender Bud Facial Exfoliate (3xweek)
  • Pure Complexion Tonic (daily)
  • Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil (daily
  • Blemish Tincture (as needed)
  • Rosehip and Clay Mint Mask (as needed for extracting oil from clogged pores)
  • Herbal Hydration Complex Mask ( as needed to infuse skin with calming, cooling hydration

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