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Founder Brenda Brock’s Skincare Routine

For balanced Skin although sometimes dehydrated (vs dry)

Famaesthetics facial skincare products are designed and created to be used as tools with light touch, tapping and facial massage. A skilled esthetician’s application technique is as much a part of the treatment as the products themselves. But don’t underestimate the value of giving yourself a simple facial massage each time you apply cleansers, creams, masks and oils in your daily routine.

You don’t have to be trained in these methods either. The natural contours of our face, neck and shoulders offer pathways for our fingers to naturally move. Following these contours with tapping or light massage will help the lymph system remove toxins from the body and stimulate circulation to bring refreshed blood cells to tissue. Applying natural beauty products with light touch and self-massage is a wonderful way to super-charge the experience, benefits, and results.

Here is my go-to daily skincare routine:

  • Fine Herbal Cleanser-AM/PM This is a fragrant lightly foaming natural cleanser and my most beloved skincare creation. It gently but thoroughly cleanses my skin with antibacterial oils and herbs, yet never dries me out. Fine Herbal Cleanser also has slip, allowing me to utilize massage into my routine right from the start
  • Sweet Milk and Orange Peel Facial Exfoliate AM 3 times a week. Our Facial exfoliates are not mechanical exfoliates, therefore not abrasive, making them easier to use on delicate skin and to use more frequently. Natural lactic acid in its whole milk form dissolves dull skin cells, leaving skin soft, supple and ready for moisture. This product can be used every day if desired, but three times a week is about right for me.
  • Nourishing Lavender Milk AM Made to hydrate and even skin tone, this organic face lotion leaves a matt finish following application. I apply with gentle circular massage, focusing on my jawline, then around my eyes and forehead as these are my hots spots for fine lines and looser skin
  • Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil PM- I love applying this Neroli rich (orange flower oil) organic facial oil immediately after cleansing my face when skin is still damp and warm. It is full of natural GLAs (essential fatty acids) that feed skin and restore elasticity. Regardless of age, this fine facial oil is great when applied with gentle massage techniques and tapping to help stimulate circulation and the skin’s own defense mechanism
  • Complexion Conserve PM I apply at night after Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil to treat my neck, tops of hands and around my lips. Prone to hyperpigmentation, tone loss and fine lines, gentle tapping technique help target these areas needing special attention.

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