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Product Highlight: Complexion Conserve

A high-level reparative serum to optimize skin tone, texture, and resilience.

Complexion Conserve is your skin’s nighttime vitamin elixir to accelerate the natural repair process, to minimize pigmentation and inflammation, and restore elasticity to skin-in-need- whether young skin, dry skin, oily or old; damaged skin or stressed skin from pollutants, dehydration, or sun.

Blended with the know-how in American herbal traditions, certified organic castor, carrot seed and rose oils, work in harmony with vitamin e, to repair and replenish the skin. Aestheticians love Complexion Conserve because it is the multi-purpose workhorse of our skincare collection, making it a must in professional treatments. We love using it in a nightly skincare regimen to tighten, tone and brighten the whole complexion- face and neck.

Complexion Conserve can be used to benefit the skin in so numerous ways, addressing many beauty concerns. If your hands give away your age, massage a few drops of our serum onto the top of your hands to impart powerful properties toward hand restoration. Do you have lines forming around the mouth? Massage Complexion Conserve into the delicate lip tissue for a penetrating treatment to smooth and prevent fines lines. Do you wake up with puffy eyes? Dot a few drops around the eye orbs each night as a line-softening preventative. And for those of us longing for fuller lashes and brows? Just a small amount massaged onto the lash line and eyebrows will encourage beautiful, healthy growth. And for those of you who steer clear of serums, fearing an oily or sticky consistency- fear not with Farmaesthetics. Your skin will know just what to do with those vitamin-rich organic oils. As one Complexion Conserve loyalist put it…. “Don’t think for a minute that it is oily, my skin just sucks it up and leaves it silky soft.”

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