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A Daily Dose of Skin Optimism!

Introducing Marigold by Farmaesthetics

An All-Natural HA Hydration Serum

We are so excited to introduce you to our newest Farmaesthetics core skincare product! Brenda, our founder/formulator, and her colleagues in the lab, have worked together for over a year to bring this important product to you, in its pristine, all-natural form. The result is a beautifully elegant, daily HA serum with high-impact hyaluronic acid actives at the heart of its delivery system.

This crystal clear, oil-free serum is super-charged with plant-based hyaluronic acids. In synergy with the joyful, reparative herb Calendula (aka Marigold), and Cucumber, this fresh, sophisticated serum infuses skin with healthy, soothing hydration, bringing the spring back to lackluster skin.

Why is it called Marigold? 

Marigold is a flower loved for its protective properties and its vibrant petals that are full of skin-mending goodness. Also known as Calendula- Latin for “Little Clock”- our Marigold HA Serum helps turns back the hands of time by boosting the complexion’s ability to maintain health and hydration.

What is HA? 

Hyaluronic Acid (HA) delivers water hydration into the skin, boosting elasticity. Clinically proven to help plump tissue, reduce wrinkles and smooth fine lines, HA is a daily requirement for vibrant, supple skin.

How does Marigold HA Serum work? 

A super-boost of hydration is delivered deep into tissue via a beautifully restorative, lightweight, oil-free serum to plump and smooth the skin, protecting it from moisture loss and environmental damage.

Why is our HA Serum so special? 

We use 100% natural Hyaluronic Acid from bio fermentation of organic plant material VS synthetic HA which is more commonly found in the market. We combine our HA deliver system with Calendula (Marigold!), and Cucumber to bathe skin with the additional support of plant-based nutrients. It’s also vegan, oil free, and contains no silicone.

How Should You Apply Marigold HA Serum? 

Use as a corrective and a preventative in your core daily routine. Apply a single drop AM or PM after cleansing, then tap into skin (face, neck, décolleté and back of hands) for quick absorption. Use alone or layer under your favorite SPF or moisturizer (like our Nourishing Lavender Milk, Complexion Conserve, Nourishing Herbal Cream or Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil)

What Are the Benefits?

· Plumps your skin to reduce the visibility of fine lines

· Deeply hydrates to reduce dryness, redness, or flaking

· Helps prevent new wrinkles from appearing or becoming more visible

· Reduces water loss so your skin stays hydrated for hours

· Promotes firmer-looking skin and a radiant, healthy glow

What is in it? 

Purified water, propanediol, sodium hyaluronate and hydrolyzed sodium hyaluronate (all fermented from non gmo cornstarch); glycerine (vegetable), calendula flower extract; cucumber fruit extract; sodium benzoate (natural)

Who should use Marigold HA Serum? 

Everyone, every day.

100% Natural, Vegan, No GMOS, No Silicone, No Pesticides, Oil-Free

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