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Introducing our Newest Product: Lemon Cuticle Cream 🍋

We are so pleased to announce the newest member of our Farmaesthetics family, Lemon Cuticle Cream. Created to remedy cuticles and hands, dry and irritated from repeated hand washing, sanitizing or just everyday wear and tear.

Our love for lemons runs deep, as citrus has been a long time ingredient used in traditional herbal recipes. Rich in vitamin c, it is known to offer valuable protection against unhealthy bacteria, and to clarify and balance the complexion. In beauty routines of the past, fresh lemon was used as a tonic on dry, dull hands and elbows. A fresh lemon was cut, then elbows were tucked into each lemon half and left for a few minutes to rest. Once elbows were removed, the oils and juice of the lemon were massaged into hands and arms to refresh the skin. Lemon also has aromatherapeutic benefits. Known as “Liquid Sunshine”, citrus oils help relieve mental exhaustion, boost self-esteem and improve concentration. Now that’s a lot to pack into a 30ml jar, but we think we did it, and we hope you think so too!

This super-emollient, quick to absorb cream taps into the long-recognized health benefits of lemon.

How to use this lemony goodness within your skincare routine:

· Massage a small amount into nail beds, cuticles and hands

· Use repeatedly as needed throughout the day and before bed

· Absorbs quickly to keep tissue smooth, supple, and hydrated

· Suitable for use on any area of dry skin that may be dull or irritated

With repeated hand washing and wear and tear to the hands and cuticles, this cream is here to not only nourish the skin, but brighten your day. 

~ Hello Sunshine! ~

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