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A Love Letter to Midnight Honey Bath & Beauty Oil

Our Midnight Honey Bath & Beauty Oil is beloved for its ability to soothe, plump and hydrate the skin. Made with just 3 skin-boosting ingredients, this oil delivers a multitude of skin enhancing benefits when applied topically as a moisturizer or as shower or bath oil.

Organic soy oil and vitamin E are rich in antioxidants and essential fatty acids that feed and nourish skin health. They also provide a barrier to moisture loss and help protect against environmental damage. But it is the honey absolute that gives our Midnight Honey Bath & Beauty Oil its unique warmth, and ability to impart a sumptuous, healthy glow to skin.

Our natural, pure and ethically harvested honey absolute is a rare and wonderful substance as it is the very last compound to be extracted from an abandoned beehive. Once all the bees, honey, beeswax, and propolis are gone, the hive is then compressed to release a substance known as honey absolute. Used in skincare for its soothing, skin conditioning properties, it is the scent of honey absolute that is so captivating and completely unique depending upon the bees’ hunting grounds. Our Midnight Honey Bath & Beauty Oil is made from honey absolute that is dark and richly scented with warm sweet base notes like cherry and tobacco, giving it a complex scent profile that is both comforting and mysterious.

Midnight Honey Bath & Beauty Oil is wonderful when applied to the whole body after shower or bath. while the skin is still slightly damp. Or add a couple of pumps to warm bathwater; or apply to face as a beauty oil after cleansing. PRO TIP: add to your favorite moisturizer to super-charge your routine with the additional protective, antibacterial benefits of honey.

You can find honey absolute in the following Farmaesthetics skincare products:

Midnight Honey Bath & Beauty Oil & Almond Blossom Organic Body Wash

~ Thank you honey, we love you so! ~

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