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Fresh From the Earth Ingredients

Luscious, fresh ingredients have always been at the heart of our formulations. Farmaesthetics founder and natural formulator Brenda Brock, has been immersed in American rural traditions for health and longevity since childhood, being taught by the women within her own farming family. Growing and studying herbs and crop-based ingredients and their daily use for sustaining skin health, is at the core of Farmaesthetics product development.

Following a plant’s logic as it grows and flows from nature, and applying it to personal care and beauty regimens, serves as a roadmap for Brenda as she creates products to sustain and enhance skin health over time. Plant logic is central to herbal preparation methodology and is intrinsic to the Farmaesthetics skincare line. So, when we say “fresh-from-the-earth” ingredients, we mean just that!

Capturing vital constituents of a plant and utilizing them as quickly as possible from the time of harvest, ensures a fresh delivery of skin nurturing ingredients. Minimizing the time from a plant’s harvest, to the time it is used in a preparation is the “secret” to natural formulation. While there will always be trendy new ingredients, formulations, and buzz words within the “clean” beauty space to market “trending” products, we will always be singularly focused on using whole, fresh, organically grown ingredients sourced from reliable growers across the US. Our farm partners are diverse, specialized ingredient providers that meet our rigorous standards for excellence. We are very proud of the decades-long relationships we have established with our supply partners that share our values for ethical oversight in all aspects of the supply chain.

Fresh-from-the-earth ingredients are good for you and your skin, but also for the environment. The rural mindset is one of common sense, rooted in the understanding that what we put on our skin goes down the drain, goes out into the ecosystem and into the water table, that feeds (or poisons) the plants and animals that we rely on. In farming communities there is a saying- “The Farmer takes care of the Farm and the Farm will take care of the Farmer.” That cycle of interdependency is at the heart of rural culture and at the heart of every decision we make at Farmaesthetics.

Natural skincare is so much more than just using natural ingredients. Utilizing fresh herbs, flowers, oils and grains sourced from trusted farms, and minimizing the distance in which they travel, provides us fresh ingredients for the most efficacious products. Sustainable Beauty is a time-honored system, where a healthy ecosystem is a required component of effectual skincare. 

Respecting this continuous cycle allows us to bring to you something that we can be proud of 🙂 

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