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Dear Dedicated Gardener- A Gift for the Gardeners

Made for those who plant, grow, and care for the earth

Dear Dedicated Gardener is a collection of skin-mending herbal preparations that tend to the needs of those who tend the earth. Whether in an urban landscape, kitchen garden or farm, curious beginners and experienced professionals alike need help to sustain skin health throughout the growing season. This thoughtful 4-piece set has everything under the sun to care for the dedicated gardener in honor of all they do.

Why Gardening is Important to Us

Our founder/formulator, Brenda Brock learned the herbal craft of kitchen chemistry as a child from her own farming heritage in Texas. The rural women on the Brock family farm tended the kitchen garden and used the harvests for food, medicinals and skincare. These traditional practices were handed down to Brenda and are deeply rooted in her lifelong passion for learning, growing and using herbs in preparations for health and beauty. 

Growing herbs and flowers is a tradition we honor, practice and continue to learn from today. Brenda is as content and accomplished in her “R&D” garden as she is in the laboratory and bridging those worlds is at the heart of our sustainability mission.

In utilizing organically grown flowers, herbs and grains as well as sustainable packaging and practices, we aim to feed and nurture the earth, just as we feed and nurture our bodies. Within our process of product creation, we first follow the logic of nature and observe plants in their cycles of growth. This practice allows for insights into the elegant, sophisticated systems in nature for balance, health and beauty. 

Gardening will always be a meaningful part of our brand identity and lifestyle, and it is an honor to acknowledge the special gifts of the dedicated gardener.

Meet Our Newest Gift Set!

Hand to Heel Softening Salve ( for toil + soil)

A powerful herbal salve for healing and protecting dry, rough hands, cuticles, elbows, feet and any area of skin challenged by a day in the garden. Calendula, carrot seed oil and beeswax combine to create a protective barrier to accelerate restoration of tissue damaged from the effects of wear and tear, or exposure to the elements. Also great to use on dry, cracked lips.

Rain, Grain & Poppyseed Bath Bar (for grit + grime)

This handmade bar soap is made in small batches using whole organic ingredients like poppyseeds, calendula petals and cornmeal grains for manual exfoliation, along with therapeutic essential oils known to accelerate cell renewal. This is an exfoliating soap that will lift embedded dirt, while softening hard-working hands. 

Arnica Remedy Oil (for aches + pains)

This handmade body oil is created with whole organic Arnica flowers infused in organic soy oil, using a traditional process involving time (vs heat or chemical solvents), that harnesses the Arnica plant’s whole healing benefits. Arnica is well known as a natural anti-inflammatory to help reduce bruising, swelling and to relieve muscle aches and soreness when applied in external massage or used in hot bath soaks. Also super-hydrating to the skin when used daily to moisturize pre and post garden work.

Cool Aloe Mist ( for sun + heat)  

An anti-inflammatory hydration mist to cool, calm and replenish skin after exposure to heat and/or sun. Our Cool Aloe Mist offers instant relief as well as helps prevent further drying, peeling, flaking or toughening of tissue. Recent scientific research has also revealed that aloe has the ability to help offset deterioration of tissue caused by ultraviolet B (UVB) rays and other environmental pollutants. The perfect post-gardening companion for an instant refresh at the end of a long day.

“Let There be New Flowering” ~ Lucille Clifton

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