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What We Won’t

Farmaesthetics products are made with the highest quality natural ingredients, consciously sourced and organic whenever possible.

We believe skin should be healthy, not just look heathy, which is why what we don’t use is just as important as what we do.

Our Promise

  • We have never and will never test on animals
  • We believe every ingredient used in a product should have a purpose for your skin and in purity of ingredients
  • We do not use fillers to dilute product and raise our margin
  • We do not use preservatives to extend a product’s shelf life
  • We do not use synthetics and instead leverage natural ingredients from crops of small American farms
  • We do not use dyes or fragrances, what you see is the true color and scent of all the herbal goodness within that formulation.

We won’t cut corners.

Born on an organic farm stand in rural Rhode Island, Farmaesthetics has deep roots in American herbalism using recipes passed down founder Brenda Brock’s family over 7 generations using the highest quality ingredients available.

New product is developed from our founder’s Research & Development garden and continue to hold each new formulation to the highest standard.

All aspects of your product formulation, bottling, labeling and shipping are done by our Newport based team.

Your phone call, email and DM will be answered by one of our Newport based staff members, often by Brenda herself.

We won’t accept anything less than the best.

We make all of our product in small batches and each is put under extreme scrutiny, not to be released until the founder Brenda Brock sees, samples and approves each formulation.