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Slow Beauty- What It Means To Us

In a world of constant distraction, where everything is fast-paced, disposable, fleeting: fashion, beauty, even the way we eat and work- it can become hard to focus on what is nourishing to our mind, body and nature. We can lose sight of what is important and become unaware of our own preferences and how our choices either promote or prevent us from living the kind of life we desire or dream of. To address these quick fixes, and fast trends that can separate us from what we truly value, the Slow Beauty Movement has emerged within the beauty industry, and we think it is here to stay. 

Slow Living is simply a choice. Within beauty, it can be as simple as choosing quality over quantity and deliberately taking time to home in on what brings us comfort. Considered more of a holistic approach, Slow Beauty can take many forms. Its primary form is a lifestyle where you choose slower rituals and routines with awareness that each step has its place and purpose. Taking time to have a proper bath, investing in quality, well-crafted products that work within your routine, letting your skin and hair breathe! Embracing natural tones and textures.

At Farmaesthetics, Slow Beauty is something we have embraced and faithfully practiced since our founding. We hold skin health well above the quick fix, cover up approach to beauty. To us Slow Beauty is a part of Sustainable Beauty, an uncomplicated approach to self-care that incorporates time for yourself to create an environment (inside and out) that balances, nourishes and sustains health and self-esteem. 

Slow Beauty is reflected in Farmaesthetics at every turn- our business model, our culture as a brand and of course in our products and how they are made and crafted- with care, using time honored recipes and organic crop-based ingredients from American farms. We create multi-use fine herbal products that are effective, and free of artificial, synthetic ingredients of any kind. Our products target specific skin care needs, using minimal packaging and glass bottles that can be repurposed, reused, and recycled. Slow Beauty is not complicated. It’s an elegant solution where everyday choices matter.

~ Be easy! ~

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