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Maskne – Stopping Face Mask Breakouts

Keep skin clear: At the heart of treating Maskne, lies cleansing the skin. Prior to putting on your mask, it is best to use a simple, yet effective, fragrance-free cleanser. Luckily, our Fine Herbal Cleanser fits the bill with only 5 ingredients. After cleansing with lukewarm water, follow up with a light moisturizer, avoiding makeup or other barriers that can lead to heightened bacteria exposure and ultimately, clogged pores. 

Avoid harsh chemicals: While keeping the skin cleansed and bacteria-free is important, harsh chemicals can end up doing more damage to the skin. By avoiding ingredients such as artificial fragrance, petroleum-based preservatives, and benzoyl peroxide, the skin has more room to breath and less irritation will occur. Apply a light layer of moisturizer, like our Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil, after cleansing. Follow with Cool Aloe Mist throughout the day, and even spritz the inside of your mask, to not only hydrate the skin, but to naturally fight bacteria with lavender essential oil.

Treating existing issues: Treat as you go! Blemishes? Spot treat with our Blemish Tincture, made with natural antibacterial essential oils, tea tree and lavender. Dry patches and inflammation? Our Herbal Hydration Complex Remedy Reserve Mask is made with cooling ingredients such as aloe vera, chlorophyll, and shea butter reducing inflammation and redness, calms and hydrates, restoring balance to the skin.

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