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Celebrating Mothers Day

We’re wishing everyone a wonderful Mother’s Day, however you are celebrating! 

This Mother’s Day we want to highlight our very own Farmaesthetics Mother-Daughter relationship; our founder Brenda Brock and her daughter Lela. The very foundation of Farmaesthetics was built on the sharing of knowledge passed down between the women in Brenda’s lineage. In 1999, Brenda created Farmaesthetics as a way to honor her farming family heritage and to teach her daughter the important life lessons she learned- like having knowledge about nature and the ways we can tap into natural systems to care for ourselves and others. Being aware of the natural world opens our minds to question how products are made and what they are made of. This is something we need to know as we navigate our choices in support of health, beauty and a sustainable environment. After all, as Brenda says, “products don’t grow on shelves”. 

Something many mothers (in any capacity) start doing when they have a child, is choosing products free of harmful chemicals and synthetics. It is often at this time that individuals begin to research and ask questions about what exactly they are consuming and using on their body, and what impact it has on our health and environment.

From the very beginning, Lela was side by side with her Mom making and selling Farmaesthetics skincare preparations from a small organic farmstand in Rhode Island, watching her Mother grow and infuse herbs into oils, and learning how the earth provides a path to mending and nurturing our bodies. 

Today this mother-daughter duo has come full circle, with Lela recently joining the Farmaesthetics team, working alongside her Mother in support of Farmaesthetics’ vision for time honored traditions that uphold important life lessons passed down for generations. 

And while it is never too late to celebrate Mothers…here are some of our favorite gift ideas: Pink Petal Roses Solar Salt Mineral Bath, New & Nursing Mothers Set & Nourishing Lavender Milk.

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