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Midnight Absolute Candle

Midnight Absolute Candle


Scent Profile

Hand-poured in Paris using French Rapeseed Wax, Beeswax and Organic Apricot Oil

Top Notes: Bergamot, Violet Flower

Heart Notes: Honey, Oud, Vanilla

Base Notes: Vetiver, Amber

European Beechwood Wick from France

30 Hour Burning Time


A year in the making and its finally here!

Two masterful herbal formulators, both dedicated to their craft of preserving the herbal art of natural formulation, our founder Brenda Brock and Celine Chappert of Officine Oils of Paris, joined together to create an elegant personal candle using only the finest natural oils, waxes, herbs and flowers native to France and the US.

Honey, violets, wood, roots and bergamot blend together to create a warm sensory field, delivering Mother Nature’s ancient scents in their purest form. Inspired by Farmaesthetics Midnight Honey Bath & Beauty Oil, honey absolute makes this artisanal candle rich and mysterious.

Each candle is hand-poured into amber apothecary glass jars with a beechwood wick that quietly crackles when lit. Honey, flower and flame weave through personal space to warm the room, providing a sense of quiet comfort. So much more than just a scented candle, our Midnight Honey Candle is an experience in itself.

Each candle comes with a glass vial of wooden matches with a striker bottom and a cotton tote.

Customer Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Linda April 01, 2022

    A Very Special Candle

    I bought this candle before Christmas and then needed a present for someone very special, my sister… and so I gave it away without ever experiencing it.
    This week I ordered one for me, I lit it this morning and all I can say is… it is a Very Special Candle.
    There is something about it that cannot be explained into words, but must be experienced…
    Thank you for making a candle that is so very beautiful.

  • Gail December 20, 2021

    This candle is an experience!

    From the presentation – label, matches and packaging to the experience of this candle, farmaesthetics has hit another home run! We have placed the candles throughout our home – the fragrance is not overwhelming and evokes an immediate sense of calm.

  • Kali December 15, 2021

    Love at first sniff

    I don’t normally take the time to write reviews…but this time I just HAD to. I recently purchased this candle and I am obsessed. Everyone that comes into my home when this candle is burning asks about it. My friends say the scent is very “spa-like” and “calming.” Honestly, the scent is absolutely addicting. Even my boyfriend likes it! Despite it being on the smaller size, it burns for a long-time. The wooden wick is a beautiful touch and puts off a nice and warming light. I am all in on this candle!

    • Farmaesthetics December 15, 2021

      Amazing, thank you for sharing!

  • Lindsay December 15, 2021

    LOVE this candle

    I recently purchased this candle and absolutely love it. the large wick creates a flame that is so beautiful when you light the candle, and despite its size as a smaller candle it made my entire apartment smell so good! A new favorite scent!

    • Farmaesthetics December 15, 2021

      We are so happy to hear that, thank you for sharing!

  • Mary E. December 13, 2021


    I have been a Farmaesthetics customer for years and have never been disappointed with a product until this candle. Wick is horrible, hard to light, and often doesn’t stay lit. Scent throw is weak, and the scent itself is perfume floral not a calming, natural scent. Mini size for the price is not a good value for me. The packaging was nice with the bag and little jar of matches, but that’s it. Not the quality I expected from Farmaesthetics.

    • Farmaesthetics December 15, 2021

      We are so sorry that you are disappointed with our candle collaboration. We just emailed instructions for how to light an untreated wooden wick directly from the candle maker in Paris. We know that untreated wooden wicks and candles made with 100% natural ingredients can be a little tricky. We hope that you find the instructions helpful and that you might give it another try. Please be sure to check your email for our full response.

Sustainable Beauty ®

Our founder’s family has honored nature’s cyclical rhythms of farm life for the last 200 years and this remains at the heart of Farmaesthetics’ practices and processes. Our commitment to sustainability, from seedling to packaging, is at the core of every product and decision we make.

Our Commitments

Free of Synthetic & Artificial Ingredients

Ethically Sourced & Harvested

Made in Small Batches in the USA

Sustainable Packaging & Processes

Cruelty Free

Midnight Absolute Candle