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Ingredients: T – Z

Tansy (organic)

Using Tansy in window boxes was ancient practice, and when planted with other insect repelling herbs prevented insects from flying into the cottage. Tansy’s natural scent and pretty yellow flowers are welcome by humans, but are absolutely repugnant to bugs, who are averse to the same volatile oils that we admire, We use Tansy for the same purpose in our Tansynella, helping to create a natural, safe, nontoxic barrier between you and the insect kingdom.

Tea Tree

Tea Tree is best known as a powerful immune stimulant, helping fight infections due to bacteria making it useful in both skin and hair treatments. We use Tea Tree for its brilliance in combatting blackheads, acne, and oily skin.

Thyme (organic)

A potent antifungal, antimicrobial and disinfectant herb. Valued when used as a preventive for keeping skin irritations at bay.


Known as the oil of tranquility, Vetiver is deeply relaxing and valuable in skincare for its ability to help balance a system under stress or in times of anxiety or insomnia.

Volcanic Pumice Powder

Pumice powder is made from a kind of rock that is formed when a volcano erupts. Pumice is finely milled for use in skincare as it is an excellent manual exfoliant that both cleanses and polishes the skin, leaving complexion visibly refreshed and refined.


In skincare, watercress has been shown to boost collagen production, helping firm and tone tissue. It is also full of vitamin c and d and many other nutrients that help build strength and firmness in thin or sensitive tissue.

Willow Bark

High content of antioxidant compounds found in willow bark have a major impact on the health of the skin, helping to increase blood flow to tissue, delivering antioxidants to help reduce the appearance of fine lines and discoloration.

Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel is one of nature’s most useful herbs. Distilled from the root, twigs and leaves, Witch Hazel is a familiar shrubby tree on the American landscape. It is used effectively as a skin tonic, making it a perfect natural astringent, excellent for toning, especially on skin beginning to slack. Use to thoroughly cleanse the skin as an antiseptic to promote healing. Note: Our Witch Hazel is distilled using grain-based alcohol vs the synthetic alcohols commonly used in ingredient distillations. This is important to ensure our products containing this ingredient are super-skin softening vs drying. In fact, natural Witch Hazel is revered in herbal skincare for its ability to soften and firm the skin.

Xanthan Gum

A natural carbohydrate derived from corn and used in our preparations as the natural thickening agent. This is a food grade ingredient available in most health food stores.

Yarrow (organic)

Yarrow is a common plant with multiple uncommon properties. Known as a catalyst herb, it compounds the benefits of all other herbs in a formulation. But what makes this herb especially remarkable and relevant for use today, is its ability to realign the body’s energetic field. Static energy fatigue can result from hours in front of electronic screens and iPhones. Yarrow releases static energy, restoring a calm, even balance to the system- such an important part of attaining deep, restorative rest.