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Ingredients: M – O


Menthol is dried Peppermint essential oil and is a soothing compound derived from the peppermint plant. If used in small amounts, menthol generates a cool heat, activated by the friction of “rubbing,” which works to soothe and release muscles tight from overexertion or inactivity. Menthol also releases a vapor, making it desirable for use in easing upper respiratory ailments, sinus infection or congestion.


The word “mica” is derived from the Latin word micare, meaning “glittering”, which is in reference to the brilliant appearance of this naturally occurring mineral. We use it to add shimmer and shine to tissue when applied externally, creating a healthy glow.

Nettle (organic)

Effective ingredient when infused in massage oil to treat cases of dry scalp or eczema, cradle cap in babies. Nettle has been long used to help stimulate new hair growth on men and women experiencing thinning hair and/or balding. Great for use on beards to moisturize and condition the skin, keeping them soft and healthy.


A skin calming ingredient that inhibits irritation and the associated discomforts, as with sunburns or hormonal fluxuations, helping ease associated redness, splotchiness and inflammation. Overall this soothing, protective ingredient will settle even the most inflamed skin conditions, helping even skin tone and restoring elasticity to depleted or dehydrated tissue.

Olive Oil (organic)

Pure, unrefined, cold-pressed, organic olive oil is rich in antioxidants, and vitamins A + E. Using olive oil in skincare serves to seal in moisture, and nourishes tissue for soft, supple skin. Much the same in haircare, Olive Oil has been used for centuries to add strength, softness and shine, while smoothing course or frizzy hair, helping restore a healthy soft look to your locks.

Orange (organic)

Orange is known for its ability to help maintain skin health and vibrancy by helping increase blood flow to brighten the skin while reducing inflammation. The antiseptic properties of Orange help restore balance to oilier complexions, while aroma- therapeutic benefits help brighten the mood, imparting a sense of jollity to the spirits.

Orange Flower (Neroli)

A hauntingly beautiful flower, valued in skincare for its ability to stimulate healthy new skin cells, offering a skin rejuvenating effect for effective age management. The aroma-therapeutic properties of this gentle, precious oil help to treat anxiety and alleviate the impact of stressful situations on the mind and body.

Orange Wax

A vitamin-rich natural wax found in the rind of oranges that protects the fruit against the environment while allowing it to breathe and maintain its essential water balance. We use this intelligent ingredient for the very same reason: to benefit the skin and aid in repairing cells, rebalancing dryness and protecting against environmental pollutants that can damage delicate tissue.