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Ingredients: H – L

Hemp Seed Oil (organic)

Rich in omega 3 and omega 6 essential fatty acids, Hemp has a full amino acid spectrum and a high mineral content, making it divinely nourishing to skin. Hemp Seed Oil closely matches our own skin’s lipids, which allows the essential fatty acids to be readily absorbed and quickly utilized to nourish the skin.

Honey Absolute

The last compound extracted from the hive, honey absolute is the essential oil obtained from the hive once all other compounds have been harvested (ethically). Possessing a rich, round aroma, this viscous, dark substance is used to bind scents in many “perfumes”, but it is most beloved for it contributions to hydrate, plump and condition the skin, imparting a subtle healthy glow.

Honey Powder

A mild, fine natural exfoliate, powdered honey has all the skin benefits of honey to protect the skin from moisture loss, while offering a mechanical exfoliating action for removing dull skin cells.

Iron Oxide

A naturally occurring ore (a type of rock that contains minerals) resulting from the reaction of iron and oxygen. Blood red in powder form, it lends itself well as a natural pigment.


Jasmine flowers are used in perfumery, skincare, sacred ceremonies, horticulture and culinary traditions all over the world. This beautiful, night-blooming flower produces an essential oil that is both exquisitely floral and grounded in a botanical earthiness. We use jasmine essential oil in our products for its ability to soften and warm the complexion while imparting a confident, sensual scent.


A natural oil, high in Vit E, and derived from the native shrub, Jojoba that grows in the southwestern US. Known as a powerful humectant, holding moisture to the skin and an antioxidant, acting as a protective barrier from bacteria. This combination of benefits makes Jojoba noncomedogenic and very useful in skincare products created for those with more troubled, acneic or oily complexions.

Kaolin Clay

Considered one of the milder clays, Kaolin Clay is a naturally occurring, mineral-rich element that attaches itself to oils, bacteria and impurities, making it a powerful extraction agent to purify hair and skin. Clays are also known for their ability to increase circulation, helping the body repair damaged tissue and cells. This naturally occurring clay is a gentle purging agent that also offers mild exfoliation.


One of the more versatile essential amino acids, L-arginine is used in skincare to boost collagen, increase skin hydration and help protect skin from free radical damage. Derived from dairy and known to increase blood flow to tissue, this ingredient has many “antiaging” benefits to support sustained skin health, texture and tone.

Lactic Acid

An organic acid extracted from a natural fermentation process involving vegetables, this is a vegan compliant ingredient. A natural, nonabrasive acid that dissolves dead surface cells, revealing soft fresh skin optimal for moisture absorption.
Note: lactic acid is also found in whole fermented dairy products, but this extracted, isolated ingredient is derived from fermented vegetables.

Lavender (organic)

Lavender is an herb that is frequently found in treatment products for the skin. Uses range from a decongestant and astringent, to a relaxant. Its versatility is due to the complexity of the herb’s chemistry and its numerous active constituents. It is an antibacterial agent, stimulates skin renewal, and assists in restoring one’s natural balance of oil production. It also relaxes sore, exhausted muscles and soothes emotional tension. Lavender is best summed up as calming, soothing and, above all, a balancing, aromatic herb.


A natural compound derived from sunflower seeds, lecithin is a natural surfactant known for its ability to lower surface tension of a liquid, allowing easy spreading (or “slip” as it is known in skincare), making a product glide over the skin when applied externally.


Known as “liquid sunshine” the aromatherapeutic properties of lemon help to relieve mental exhaustion, boost self-esteem and improve concentration. The oil of lemons are also used to help defend the body against infections, as it is a powerful natural bacteriacide. Very useful in skincare to help refresh and brighten dull skin.

Lemon Balm (organic)

Lemon Balm is in the mint family and is known for cooling and restoring a depleted, exhausted system… not the kind of exhaustion that comes from exercise, sport or physical exertion, but the kind that comes when one is overextended, anxious or unable to sleep due to prolonged periods of mental or emotional “selflessness.” This is a powerful remedy to use when mothering a newborn, dealing with a stressful emotional situation, or taking care of the sick or elderly.


A scented grass known for refreshing and deodorizing skin, and also for its antiseptic properties to help keep skin healthy and clean. Of all the lemon-scented oils, lemongrass has an uplifting sunny scent that humans love, but insects not so much, making it a great ingredient for warmer climates and for use in summertime.

Licorice Root

Anti-inflammatory, antioxidant natural root extract from the flowering licorice plant. Helps even skin tone, reduce hyper- pigmentation and discoloration of tissue.


Known as a natural astringent, lime has skin health benefits similar to lemon, but also contains additional antioxidants that enhances the antiseptic properties.