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Ingredients: A – C

Almond Extract

Real, pure Almond Extract is just that- a concentrated substance extracted from the nut of the almond tree, and therefore should be avoided by those with nut allergies. Most often used for its warm, round scent, almonds are rich in Vit E and Linoleic Acid that helps prevent skin dryness.

Aloe Vera

Aloe has the same pH as the skin with a composition similar to plasma and seawater. A plant found in the Southwest USA, it is harvested and extracted for use in skincare due to its powerfully healing, soothing properties. Aloe is used to treat sunburns and skin burns, dryness and skin irritation. It is also a skin-saver when used as a hydrating mist to refresh and replenish moisture loss in tired, hot or stressed skin.

Apricot Oil

Apricot Oil is harvested from the apricot seed through a cold press process. It is lightweight, softly fragrant and used in skin and haircare for its moisturizing properties. Apricot Oil is used in our candle as a part of the rapeseed, beeswax base, and contributes to the smoothness of the scent profile and the creaminess of the candle itself.

Arnica (organic)

Arnica has a valued therapeutic application in skincare as it works to affect the blood vessels to rapidly reduce inflammation, even the kind associated with bruising, swelling, or injured tissue. Dermatologists are now recognizing the many benefits of Arnica for patients following pre and post laser or plastic surgery to reduce swelling and encourage the healing process.

Arrowroot (organic)

A plant starch used to draw excess moisture and oils from the skin without drying tissue. Used in herbal preparations to treat chafing, and any irritated skin conditions like heat rash, diaper rash or ingrown hairs.

Avocado Oil (organic)

Oils of avocado are extremely high in monounsaturated fatty acids, which when applied in hair care, moisturize, nourish and strengthen hair strands, smoothing follicles and protecting hair from damage.

Balsam Fir

Balsam Fir contains high levels of vitamin C, which has been studied for its effects on bacterial and viral infections, making it a helpful oil for use in decongesting body oils, rubs and bath elixirs.

Beeswax (natural)

Used for centuries in skincare for its protective, skin-softening actions. A perfect natural preservative when used in herbal preparations such as salves and balms, beeswax also aids in the preservation of soft vital tissue. Mysterious in its make up, it remains one of the only naturally occurring materials that chemists have yet to successfully synthesize in the lab.


A fruit similar to a miniature orange, bergamot has been used for centuries in herbal skincare. Its antiseptic qualities make it ideal for cleansing skin and promoting healing in cases of acne, excessive oiliness, or over-exposed or inflamed skin conditions. Also well known for its uplifting effect on the mood.

Black Spruce

An anti-bacterial therapeutic oil that helps strengthen and support adrenal glands challenged by chronic stress, or seasonal disorders like depression triggered by cold temperatures and lack of light. A well-known remedy to support and calm emotions.

Borage Seed Oil

Loaded with good healthy fatty acids, especially GLA, this organic oil is extremely nourishing, and known for its anti-inflammatory properties to settle and help build healthy tissue.


We use caffeine for its powerful natural anti-inflammatory properties, to help reduce puffiness and improve circulation . Chock full of antioxidants caffeine also helps prevent free radical damage, reducing fine lines and wrinkles.

Calendula (organic)

A heady, resinous flower from the marigold family. Calendula is, in our opinion, the most powerful of all the skin-repairing herbs or flowers. It is used to promote fast-healing of wounds, scars or burns, including those produced by laser surgery. We use Calendula oil as a base for most of our skin creams, oils, salves and lotions. We find this bright golden flower to be nature’s number one herb for restoring and restructuring damaged, aging or loose skin.


Derived from the fruit of an evergreen tree and known for its value in treating colds, chills, and inflammatory complaints, as well as for relieving skin irritations. In cases of nervous excitement, it has a soothing and quieting result. In the case of insect bites, camphor cools and numbs the area, relieving itch.

Carrot Seed Oil (organic)

Carrot Seed Oil contains over 600 identified carotenoids, making this a powerful source of antioxidants with extraordinary benefits to help restore tone and elasticity to skin as it ages.

Castor Oil (organic)

Recognized as safe and effective by the FDA, this medicinal oil is derived from the castor bean (although not in the bean family) and has been chronicled in ancient texts as the “oil that heals”. In skincare Castor Oil is used to “break up” pockets of congestion, allowing for increased circulation, while the oil penetrates tissue, evening skin tone and deeply nourishing the skin. Castor oil is also known in herbal traditions for encouraging healthy growth of eyelashes and eyebrows.


Used in skincare and soap making for its its mild astringent and antiseptic qualities, cedarwood oil has an enlivening, stimulating effect on the system.

Chamomile (organic)

A soothing, calming herb with anti-inflammatory properties. High in azulene, it is known to be an anti-allergenic agent and is therefore excellent for reducing puffiness on delicate or sensitive tissue.

Cherry Seed Oil (organic)

This moisturizing oil contains natural antioxidants, alpha, delta and gamma tocopherols plus vitamins A + E that deeply nourish the complexion. It also contains a fatty linolenic acid that helps protect tissue from UV absorption by forming a barrier on the surface of the skin, offering protection from environmental damage.

Chlorophyll (alfalfa)

Known as liquid sunshine, liquid Chlorophyll is nontoxic and soothing to tissue. A natural oxygenator, drawing and holding oxygen to the skin, this settling natural agent of purification is also a natural deodorizer when used on the body.

Cinnamon (organic)

The oil in cinnamon is a type of phenol, which is an antifungal and antibacterial. It also contains properties that serve as stimulants, helping to produce heat and increase circulation when the herb is applied externally in massage. A powerfully fragrant spice used to invigorate the senses and circulation.


With a light citrus scent, Citronella is pleasant to humans but unbearable to insects, making it THE insect repelling oil. When combined in a light organic carrier oil with other essential oils like eucalyptus and rosemary, citronella can be applied safely to skin to provide a protective shield, acting as a powerful deterrent to insect bites.

Clary Sage

Viewed by aromatherapists as an antidepressant, nervine, sedative tonic, Clary Sage is thought to provide a mild euphoric action, encouraging deep sleep and prophetic dreaming.

Clove (organic)

Long used to treat fungal infections—the kind that impact nail beds, cuticles and feet—clove is an antibacterial as well. It has powerful local antiseptic and mild anesthetic actions, and recently scientific researchers have discovered what traditionalists have known for centuries, that like many spices, clove contains antioxidants to help prevent cell damage.


Precisely that: meal made from corn, and used traditionally as a gentle exfoliate. This age old method of removing dry, flaky surface skin is highly effective. Each grain of cornmeal is a soft, round granule, unlike salt crystals with their jagged edge that can be irritating to the skin. The rolling of each grain on the skin during external application not only exfoliates and stimulates circulation, it feels wonderfully invigorating to the entire system.

Cornstarch (organic)

A fine grade powder derived from corn. It is moisture absorbing, yet emollient, and not at all drying to the skin. A perfect replacement in clean products for the toxic ingredient talc.

High Cotton Body Dust – 3.5 oz


Full of inflammation-fighting vitamin C and caffeic acid, cucumber is a skin nutrient known to help rejuvenate the complexion. Soothing and cooling to skin, cucumber helps reduce swelling, and alleviates puffiness.