Solar Salt Mineral Bath Blue Spruce
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Solar Salt Mineral Bath Blue Spruce

Solar Salt Mineral Bath Blue Spruce

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The skin is a giant organ of elimination, getting rid of waste products through the pores, as carried in sweat. A high mineral content salt bath is one of the most effective means for achieving this detoxification process, as well as for re-mineralizing the body, while softening and de-stressing the skin and mind.

Reminiscent of The Roosevelt Baths in Saratoga Springs, NY, a Solar Salt Mineral Bath will create a soak in which the toxins are leached from muscle through the pores, yielding deep muscular relaxation as well as a soft clear complexion. This is an intensive herbal treatment, as the wet heat of a hot bath opens the pores & dilates the blood vessels, allowing the toxins to escape, & the pores absorb the healing constituents of herbs, flowers & oil.Pampering with a Purpose!

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Solar Salt Mineral Bath Blue Spruce
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