Adrenal Support Etheric Inhalation Oil
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Adrenal Support Etheric Inhalation Oil

Adrenal Support Etheric Inhalation Oil

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First, we are wired, then we are tired, and then comes the burnout… A scenario many of us relate to. But what is that cycle and how do we disrupt it? Let’s talk adrenals (sweet little walnut-sized organs that sit on top of our hard-working kidneys) - Adrenal glands are vital to maintaining appropriate energy levels, but with our modern lifestyle causing adrenals to over-secrete hormones for flight or fight responses, we eventually become “fatigued” and “exhausted” from the relentless over-firing.  Black spruce, pine, hemp and grapefruit are nature’s age-old remedy to renew and support our adrenal complex function.

Uses: Add 2 drops to your palms, then slowly rub them together to warm and release the vapors.  Loosely cup over your nose and breathe deeply and slowly for 30 seconds.

May add 1-2 drops to hot bath for a steamy essential vapor soak

Or add a drop or two to your favorite body oil to boost the benefits of external massage. 

150 drops per 2 dram vial!

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Adrenal Support Etheric Inhalation Oil
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