Nourishing Herbal Cream
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Nourishing Herbal Cream

Nourishing Herbal Cream



A luscious, powerfully nourishing food for the skin. Use this rich, elegant, calendula cream as a corrective treatment to restore skin's elasticity & vibrancy.

Although created specifically for face, eye area, neck, jaw-line & anywhere skin is thin, crêpey or slacking, our Nourishing Herbal Cream has a growing fan following of new & nursing mothers who attest to its power to prevent the onset of stretchmarks during & after pregnancy.

Use at nighttime or as mask to treat dry, damaged, aging, or dull skin in need of revitalizing nourishment. For optimal results, apply cream to freshly washed skin that is still damp & warm.

Applications & Benefits:

  • Created to feed the skin & nourish the complexion on a very deep level
  • Powerfully restorative treatment cream for under eye area and nighttime use, or for use when skin is especially dry, stressed, over exposed or showing visible signs of aging
  • Moisturizing Mousse: use as a mask application to face for when skin is dehydrated, very dry, mature, chapped or inflamed. Wipe away excess after 10 minutes
  • Perfect Cream for neck, breast & décolleté
  • Hands down best belly & breast Cream around for pre- & post–natal women: strengthens skin tissue & wards off onset of stretch marks
  • Totally non-toxic & safe, this Cream is uniquely formulated without any artificial ingredients whatsoever, making it safe for nursing mothers...& babies won't object to the taste!
  • Excellent for soothing & mending skin that is inflamed, dry or hardened from the effects of chemotherapy or radiation


Our products are 100% natural, contain certified organic ingredients as indicated, are hypo-allergenic, non-irritating & dermatological tested, with a certified shelf-life of 2 years from the date of opening. No animal testing.

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Nourishing Herbal Cream
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