Solar Salt Mineral Bath Series
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Solar Salt Mineral Bath Series

Solar Salt Mineral Bath Series

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Solar Salt Mineral Bath Field Lavender Solar Salt Mineral Bath Ruby Grapefruit Solar Salt Mineral Bath Blue Spruce


The skin is a giant organ of elimination, getting rid of waste products through the pores, as carried in sweat. A high mineral content salt bath is one of the most effective means for achieving this detoxification process, as well as for re-mineralizing the body, while softening and de-stressing the skin and mind.

Reminiscent of The Roosevelt Baths in Saratoga Springs, NY, a Solar Salt Mineral Bath will create a soak in which the toxins are leached from muscle through the pores, yielding deep muscular relaxation as well as a soft clear complexion. This is an intensive herbal treatment, as the wet heat of a hot bath opens the pores & dilates the blood vessels, allowing the toxins to escape, & the pores absorb the healing constituents of herbs, flowers & oil. Pampering with a Purpose!


Applications & Benefits:
• Detoxifying mineral bath for soaking treatment at home
• Beautiful soak for relieving tired aching muscles
• Sprinkle in pan of water on stove, heat to boil, turn off, and steam head to relieve sinus congestion or for opening pores before a home facial or bath

Herbal Choices & Benefits:

Ruby Grapefruit imparts a sense of jollity and well-being, brightening one's outlook, while releasing tension and toxins through the pores

Field Lavender will settle irritated skin. Relaxing also as oils are released in the hot water vapors

Blue Spruce is an excellent soak to heal & aid in the relief of heat rash, chafing & skin inflammation or irritations, including measles & shingles. Helps ease the itch of poison ivy. Excellent when used in hot bath soak to open, clear & invigorate the respiratory system

Note: These are unprocessed salts, vary in size, & will thus dissolve at different times…best to sprinkle a handful under hot running water and swish. There are 4 to 5 baths in each retail size jar, so you don’t need a lot.  In fact, with salt, more is not merrier!


Our products are 100% natural, contain certified organic ingredients as indicated, are hypo-allergenic, non-irritating & dermatological tested, with a certified shelf-life of 2 years from the date of opening. No animal testing.

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Solar Salt Mineral Bath Series
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