Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil
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Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil

Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil



The Mighty 9 organic beauty oils combine together in this treatment elixir to protect, preserve and prolong vibrant skin health. These natural oils are full of skin-boosting nutrients, luxurious compounds and powerful antioxidants that build tone and texture. Using them daily in skincare regimens was once common practice. Then somewhere last century, artificial oils with synthetic fragrances and mineral oils derived from petroleum products showed up on the scene and what was once a nourishing beauty treatment became a pore-clogging, skin-dulling “no-no”. Well, those days are over. Natural, organic, flower, herb and seed oils are back, and the scientific data supports the beauty benefits of using them, especially on the face. Here is a recipe that delivers a deeply layered benefit deck…. and it smells as light, fresh and real as it is. For use on oily and dry skin alike.

Apply a few drops of oil to clean, moist face and neck. Massage into tissue with upward strokes. Use morning and night, as treatment oil or under-makeup, or as a priming oil before additional moisture application if needed.

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Nutrient Dense Fine Facial Oil
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