The Retreat
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The Retreat


Escape to Our Newport, RI Spa


The Retreat at Castle Hill by Farmaesthetics

We are pleased to introduce our newest luxury wellness offering at our Newport, RI spa, The Retreat at Castle Hill by Farmaesthetics. Farmaesthetics founder, Brenda Brock, is the daughter of a 7th generation farming family. She first made her handmade herbal skincare preparations available to customers in the summer of 1999 at an organic farmstand in rural Rhode Island. A noted trailblazer in "green" skincare, Ms. Brock successfully translated her traditional herbal recipes to modern beauty innovation, resulting in pristine herbal products that retain their 100% natural status & compare in effectiveness with leading dermatological brands.

If you are seeking an appointment within the next 24 hours please call us directly at the number below.


about Farmaesthetics

Farmaesthetics is a highly acclaimed, award winning, 100% natural herbal skincare line based in Rhode Island. Time Magazine honored Farmaesthetics and its founder as one of “The 100 Most Influential People and Ideas Behind Today’s Green Design in Beauty,” and every treatment reflects the tenets of classic herbal formulation. All products are made with organically grown herbs and flowers from American family farms, many harvested from the seaside farmlands of RI. The freshest, most luxurious face and body treatments always end with visible results, and that is what you will experience with Farmaesthetics...and all enjoyed in the pristine atmosphere of a mansion suite at Castle Hill, one of the most coveted spa resorts in Rhode Island.



facial treatment

60 min ~ $150. | 90 min ~ $210.
Lush, yet refined, this facial treatment benefits every skin condition, regardless of age or stage of life. Customized to your skincare needs, each treatment starts with a deep cleanse, then onto exfoliation, steam, massage, masque & hydration. The treatment is designed to address, maintain or correct your specific skin texture and tone, using hand infused oils and powerful herbal antioxidants. Each facial treatme8thnt includes acupressure and tension-relieving arm, hand, neck and scalp massage using aromatic oils and fragrant herbs to enhance the experience and boost the results.

therapeutic massage

60 min ~ $150. | 90 min ~ $210.
Pampering with a purpose- this whole body massage is enhanced with organic oils specifically chosen to provide you with a customized, therapeutic experience. Farmaesthetics’ line-up of aromatic hand- infused oils support the therapists’ techniques and skill to boost results. Your therapist will guide you to the herbal oils most beneficial to you and will incorporate them to maximize this relaxing, therapeutic experience.

facial massage with hand treatment

45 min ~ $125.
When it’s time to relax, but a full body massage or full facial is not in the cards, this treatment strikes at the heart of tension, accelerrating the relaxation response, but in a little less time. Treatment targets stress points and combines traditional herbalism with the therapeutic affects of light massage and accupressure. It begins with a thorough cleansing of the skin, then moves to therapeutic relaxation techniques for face, neck, scalp, and hands.

saltwater soak

30 min ~ $65. pre- or post-treatment.
The perfect prep to ready you for your treatment, or as the perfect ending... We will draw your bath, add our hand-harvested, essential oil soaked, high mineral sea salts to create a detoxifying, skin softening deep tub soak . Utilizing the healing constituents of herbs and flowers of your choosing, the gentle circulation of the jet bath will relax tension, while releasing the healing properties and subtle scents of pure essential oils and sea salts.

  • lavender dreaming salts, to relax, soften & purifiy
  • vaporbath elixir, to boost the immune support
  • adrenal support elixir, to relieve the effects of mental and physical stress
  • warming oil, to warm the heart & thwart a winter chill


massage à deux

60 min ~ $300. | 90 min ~ $420.
Massage à deux—or massage for two—is a wholly relaxing experience for you and your significant other, but is not only for romantics. Mother-daughter duos and best friends may also enjoy a side-by-side customized massage. Both grounding and uplifting mentally and physically, this deeply relaxing massage experience creates the optimal environment for reconnection.

en suite

30 min ~ $65. pre- or post-treatment.
Additional time in your treatment suite is available following any one hour service. Whether time needed to dress for dinner or simply to rest and relax, these 30 additional minutes “En Suite” must be reserved at time of spa service booking.

seasonal offerings

rose immersion

2.5 hours ~ $375.
In homage to the fragrant acres of beloved legacy roses that grow high on historic Castle Hill, Farmaesthetics has created an experience that immerses you in the sensory waves of calming, beautifying roses.
Arrive ready to slip into a heart-warming, skin-softening Pink Sea Salt & Rose Petal Bath Soak, followed by tension relieving Rose Essential Oil Massage, and our organic Sweet Milk & Rose Dust Pore Refining Facial. Glass of Rosé included, of course.

nourishing scalp massage

30 min ~ $65.
An organic, herbal treatment to restore and maintain a healthy scalp, which is so important to keeping hair nourished and strong. This tension reducing treatment uses hand-infused, organic herbal oils and proven techniques that not only relax the scalp, but boost blood flow, helping feed and strengthen hair follicles, and encouraging new hair growth. Oil-free or with Farmaesthetics award-winning Pre-Wash Hair, Root & Scalp Treatment Oil.


Should you wish to cancel your reservation, you must do so 24 hours prior to the start of your appointment. Cancellations made less than 24 hours prior to the appointment will be subject to the full cost of the treatment.

Appointment Arrival: Please arrive 10 minutes prior to the start of your appointment. You may check-in at the front desk, where you will be escorted to the The Retreat lounge.

Gratuity: All treatments are subject to a 20% automatic gratuity. If for any reason you do not believe this is merited please let your therapist or the front desk know.