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Calendula Remedy Oil
4 fl oz

Calendula Remedy Oil
4 fl oz



Each of our Remedy Oil Collection oils are made with whole organic herbs & oils, using a traditional process involving time (vs heat or chemical solvents), harnessing each plant’s healing intelligence, rather than just a few isolated constituents. This traditional method and natural ingredients yield a powerfully effective herbal oil to be applied topically.

Apply this natural beauty oil to promote fast healing in external skin conditions. Used in many of our skincare products this is a wonderful treatment oil for over-exposed, dry or mature skin. Also known to help accelerate wound healing, reduce visible scarring, and improve overall skin texture, tone and elasticity.

All of our Remedy Oils are free of essential oils therefore non-aromatic, making them ideal for those with scent or skin sensitivities.

4 fl oz in clear glass apothecary bottle with pump

100% natural, no artificial preservatives, petroleum products, synthetic fragrances, dyes or talc. Just the freshest of ingredients from American family farms.

How to Use

Place 1 tablespoon of Calendula Remedy Oil between palms and gently massage into desired area of face or body to treat dry, mature, over-exposed or scarred tissue. Do not apply to open wounds.

Avoid eye area. Best if used within 1 year of opening, keep away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Discontinue if irritation occurs. Results may vary.

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars
  • Shawnah July 10, 2021


    I purchased this and forgot I did. UNTIL I had the worst episode of poison ivy ever on my leg. thanks was using ivarest on it for days and it just kept spreading. Until on a fluke I tried this it cleared it up right away. I had a patch a week later that started on my wrist. it never amount to much once I put this on it. Why it works for that I have no clue but I just know it does. I absolutely LOVE what it did. my leg did not scar and I thought it was lost cause!

  • Wanda B. May 12, 2021

    calendula oil / midnight honey oil

    I have had terrible “crepe legs and arms so I started using the calendula oil after I shower on my legs
    Wow! what a difference within a week. My legs are now sleek and beautiful. I also started using midnight honey oil on my 91 year old mother’s very dry face every morning after washing with the cleanser and her face is moist, supple and no more flaking. Such beautiful products

  • Michaela A. August 24, 2020

    What a heaven sent simple face oil that is a one for all product and cures even the slightest dullness, redness, sensitivity and dryness. I use it as a first cleanse, mixed in with my sweet milk and lavendar exfoliate powder or before the nourishing herbal cream. Im really impressed with this oil. I would never have thought this could be so effective and healing.

  • Rebekah C. October 14, 2019

    I don’t have a review to write at this time and I have not purchased the product yet. My sister referred it to me with rave reviews, however.

  • Barbara October 30, 2016

    I highly recommend the Calendula oil for use on face and body. I use the oil on my face at bed time as a night serum and on my feet after showering. I had a persistent callus on my foot and I had tried many products to treat it. I finally applied the Calendula oil daily and within a month the callus disappeared. I have sensitive skin and am prone to skin irritation; however, skin irritation is history since I have been using the oil as a night serum.

  • Diane October 07, 2016

    Unfortunately I fell and got a huge scrape on my knee. I started using Calendula Remedy Oil to prevent scarring, but I was so surprised at how well it also shortened the healing time, prevented the scrape from becoming dry and itchy, AND reduced redness/sensitivity. I put the oil on every time the scrape felt uncomfortable, which was basically multiple times a day for several weeks. I highly recommend!!

  • Cheryl October 01, 2016

    The oncologist at my Hosp recommends this oil for all his cancer patients to help with radiation burns, and damage skin

  • Cheryl October 01, 2016

    This product is amazing, one of the oncology doctors at my hospital recommends this product to all his cancer patients!

  • Sheila April 05, 2016

    My husband and I are thrilled to have found this amazing and natural remedy for (hmmmm can I say this here?) vaginal dryness. All you post-menopausal women out there, you just have to try this and you will be hooked! (btw this product was recommended by my homeopathic doctor)

  • Margaret January 31, 2015

    I randomly got the Calendula oil on sale at Urban Outfitters, and I’m so glad I did; my skin has never looked better! I put this on at night, and in the morning my skin is all glowy – I love it!

Sustainable Beauty ®

Our founder’s family has honored nature’s cyclical rhythms of farm life for the last 200 years and this remains at the heart of Farmaesthetics’ practices and processes. Our commitment to sustainability, from seedling to packaging, is at the core of every product and decision we make.

Our Commitments

Free of Synthetic & Artificial Ingredients

Ethically Sourced & Harvested

Made in Small Batches in the USA

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Calendula Remedy Oil – 4 fl oz