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Nettle Remedy Oil
4 fl oz

Nettle Remedy Oil
4 fl oz



Nettle Remedy Oil is a highly specialized, hand-infused body oil known as an effective treatment for use on the scalp (including cradle cap in infants). Widely used to relieve dry, tense scalp, which can contribute to thinning hair in men and women alike.

Each of our Remedy Oil Collection oils are made with whole organic herbs & oils, using a traditional process involving time (vs heat or chemical solvents), harnessing each plant’s healing intelligence, rather than just a few isolated constituents. This traditional method and natural ingredients yield a powerfully effective herbal oil to be applied topically.

Apply to help restore and sustain scalp and hair health.

All of our Remedy Oils are free of essential oils therefore non-aromatic, making them ideal for those with scent or skin sensitivities.

Use as a hair oil in your daily routine, or as a hair rinse to stimulate new hair growth.

4 fl oz cobalt blue glass apothecary bottle with pump

100% natural, no artificial preservatives, petroleum products, synthetic fragrances, dyes or talc. Just the freshest of ingredients from American family farms.

How to Use

Warm 1 tablespoon of Remedy Oil between palms and gently massage to treat.

Add 2-3 tablespoons to steamy bath or for use as part of body massage.

Avoid eye area. Best if used within 1 year of opening, keep away from direct sunlight and extreme temperatures. Discontinue if irritation occurs. Results may vary.

Customer Reviews

5 out of 5 stars
  • Erin March 31, 2016

    Thinning hair?? Fear no more!! I’ve tried the pharmacy rogain & the like … they work, BUT as soon as you stop your hair falls out again. Now do you want to put chemicals on your head for next 50 years? NOT ME! Now I have Nettle Oil! (please see Andrew’s comment above, as I use the product exactly the same way). My results … after 2 months, not only do I have tons of new hair growth, but my hair is shinier than ever before. The natural remedy for thinning hair!

    I am documenting my hair growth with photos taken monthly … when I get 6 months worth, I’ll post them here. Stay tuned!

  • Andrew January 19, 2015

    I originally got this product for bad dandruff and dry hair. Thought I’d give it a shot. I’ve tried a lot of stuff, head and shoulder, Kiehl’s, lush..etc with mixed results.

    I’ve been using this about once (maybe twice) a week after showering, before bed. I rub it into my scalp, hair and beard directly after showering, with hair a little damp. Then I leave it in over night. And it’s awesome. By morning my hair/beard isn’t noticeably oily, —maybe softer feeling if anything. But what is noticeable is that after some regular use it has kept my scalp/beard from getting dry, red and flaky in between use, and generally improved things as a whole. Nothing is 100% but this comes pretty damn close.

    Can’t speak to the eczema, but I’ve rubbed access oil into dry elbows and it works really great too!

    I’d highly recommend it to anyone dealing with similar issues.

Sustainable Beauty ®

Our founder’s family has honored nature’s cyclical rhythms of farm life for the last 200 years and this remains at the heart of Farmaesthetics’ practices and processes. Our commitment to sustainability, from seedling to packaging, is at the core of every product and decision we make.

Our Commitments

Free of Synthetic & Artificial Ingredients

Ethically Sourced & Harvested

Made in Small Batches in the USA

Sustainable Packaging & Processes

Cruelty Free

Nettle Remedy Oil – 4 fl oz